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Love Letters

Love Bombing: Don’t Be a Victim

Maybe you’ve been “love-bombed.” Has anyone you’ve dated moved too far too fast, phoning all the time with flattery and showing up on your doorstep bringing gifts, and after two dates is already talking about marriage? Was… Read More 

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings – Rituals of Tarot Readers

Most people don’t know that Tarot readers ritually prepare themselves physically and mentally for a Tarot Card reading. The professional Tarot reader arrives before the appointed time, neatly groomed and dressed. This shows respect, first of all,… Read More 


Astrology: Seducing and Keeping the Virgo Woman

You’d better be somebody and show it the moment you meet. Your grooming must be perfect and clothing spotless, because her eagle eye will zero in on any loose thread or stain. She loves a man in… Read More 

Astrology Chart

The 11th House in Your Chart: Good Fortune

Every classical horoscope is a star map, and as is true of Earth maps, this star map, the horoscope, is divided into portions. Astrological star maps are circular and have 12 equal portions, which look in the… Read More 

Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Readings: The Magician Card

A young man, wearing a red cape and a headband, stands behind a table and raises in his right hand a double-tipped wand. The tips might be flames, or they might be gleaming quartz crystals. He’s looking… Read More 

Reading Horoscope on Kindle

Astrology: How Often Should You Read Your Horoscope?

We’d all like to know the future of our relationships or enterprises. Yet humans will look in the strangest places for prophets and prophecies: in storefront shops, in teacups, at checkout counters, in fortune cookies, and on… Read More 

Wild Flowers

May 2019 Forecast: The Month for Planting

Enjoy the natural world in the first three weeks of May 2019 with the Sun in the Earth sign Taurus, and two weighty planets, Saturn and Pluto, in Earth sign Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto this month are… Read More