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USA Astrology

The Present and Future of the U.S.A.

What happened to this country? More importantly, what will happen? We can ask astrologers. Now that its government can hack iPhones, its youth does not have jobs and its president is a billionaire businessman with no political… Read More 

Melania Trump

Mysterious Melania Trump: Her Birth Chart

Stunningly tall at five feet eleven inches, Mrs. Donald Trump, born Melanija Knavs (later changed to Knauss), was born on April 26, 1970, a Sun Sign Taurus. If she was born that day after sunrise, her Moon… Read More 

The Real ESP Experiments

The Real ESP Experiments, and You

Investigations into ESP began about 140 years ago when the first Theosophists and psychic mediums, and their believers, collected as many ESP stories as they could from all the people that they could. They then published and… Read More 


Why You Haven’t Found Your Soul Mate

The number-one question psychics and diviners hear from females is not about their own destinies and fortunes but when and where they will meet their soulmate—their perfect mate, twin flame, twin soul, or God’s match for them…. Read More 

Tarot Cards

Reversed Cards in Tarot

Don’t be fooled by the electronic Tarot “card of the day” found on fortunetelling websites. To genuine human Tarot readers, these online oracles seem peculiar because they never show a “card of the day” that is upside-down… Read More 


What is Clairvoyance, Really?

When we say “I want to talk to a psychic” we usually mean “a clairvoyant.” A clairvoyant might also call himself or herself “clairsentient,” “clairaudient,” “precognizant” or “claircognizant.” The words pile up until you’re practically dizzy. By… Read More 

Who Invented the Daily Horoscope?

Who Invented the Daily Horoscope?

The very first horoscopes—the word means “time observer” or “to see time”— predicted the weather. In cultures dependent on crops, sky-watchers who could tell when to plant and when to harvest were few, valuable, and highly rewarded…. Read More 

Crystal Ball

What Can You See in a Crystal Ball?

Gazing into a crystal ball hoping to see the unknown there is called scrying, and scrying is the reason diviners of all kinds are called “seers.” It’s a Druidic form of fortunetelling now practiced around the world…. Read More 

August 2017

August 2017: An Astrological Outlook

August is a big astrological month, with the full lunar eclipse back on August 7, in Aquarius, and a full solar eclipse today, the Great American Eclipse, in Leo. . This is a month of cleansing and… Read More 

Peridot August Birthstone

Birthstones of August: The Top Three

Peridot, spinel, and carnelian are three semi-precious gems prized and honored by the ancients more than they are today, but it’s wonderful that men and women wanting to wear an August birthstone can select from attractive choices… Read More