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Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings – Rituals of Tarot Readers

Most people don’t know that Tarot readers ritually prepare themselves physically and mentally for a Tarot Card reading.

The professional Tarot reader arrives before the appointed time, neatly groomed and dressed. This shows respect, first of all, for the art of Tarot. It also shows respect for her clients, also called Seekers. Knowing that Seekers who have never met a Tarot reader in person might imagine an airhead or woo-woo who just rolled out of bed, the reader uses her best manners. A Tarot reader is not a traveling three-ring circus; the spotlight belongs not on her but on the Seekers. A dignified personal appearance invites trust and prosperity.

When not in use, traditionally the deck is kept wrapped in silk, protecting them from unwanted vibrations

The reader hopes for a quiet and private space for readings. If hired for a house party, the ideal space is a den or home office well apart from the socializing and loud music. Tarot readings are one-on-one and their content should be confidential. A bedroom is such a private and personalized space that its owner always seems present in spirit, and ideally, the only presences desired are the reader, the Seeker, and higher powers. The reader, however, doesn’t complain about less-than-ideal conditions.

The reader does not lug her cards in a plastic grocery bag or big lumpy tote, but in a special bag or box, or in her nicest purse.

Reading requires a table and seating for two. Seekers and their fortunetellers are often portrayed as sitting opposite each other, but ideally, Seeker and reader should sit side by side, with the Seeker on the right. The Seeker can then view the cards as the reader does.

Washing Hands
Another ritual that demonstrates respect for the Tarot is to “purify oneself” before giving readings. Washing the hands with soap and water is sufficient.

Asking the Higher Powers to Be Present

When arriving at the reading space the Tarot reader powers off any electronics in the reading area.Even a muted TV is vibrationally “noisy,” emitting electromagnetic radiation and encouraging distraction. The space shouldn’t feel like an aisle at Best Buy. Let the Tarot Readings be without distraction or interruption.

A cloth for the table is nice; perhaps the silk wrapping doubles as a tablecloth for readings, but a cloth isn’t necessary. The table surface should be cleared and clean. Novels or movies lead some Seekers to expect on the table a bell, book, and candle. “Bell, book, and candle” represent a ninth-century Roman Catholic ritual of excommunication—stripping a Catholic of membership in the church. Bell, book, and candle have nothing whatsoever to do with Tarot.

Candle in Glass
A candle safely enclosed in glass is a nice touch, but not essential.

The Tarot reader, still preparing, unboxes or unbags the cards and holds them with both hands, greeting the cards or warming them up. Some hold the cards to the heart or solar plexus and breathe deeply, focusing; the work of reading demands focus. Other readers limber up the cards by shuffling them, admiring them, or humbly thanking them for past service. Some readers call on their intuition. The reader silently requests that only the highest forces preside over the readings, then clears the mind of any personal concerns.

Tip Jars, Food, and Drink

Professional readers at private parties should not have tip jars on the table. The reading is about the Seeker, not about making money, and a Tarot reader should never seem needy. If tips are offered a true professional Tarot Reader graciously accepts and tucks them out of sight before seeing the next client. The atmosphere at psychic fairs or street fairs is more casual and tip jars are fine.

Women Drinking
Hosts or servers sometimes offer the reader drinks.

A professional Tarot reader will not consume alcoholic drinks while they work. That’d be like a doctor or counselor having a drink before meeting with a patient. You wouldn’t want him to be that relaxed and casual, and munching on party food, when the topic is your health. The best Tarot reader is responsible—which means “able to give a response.” Tarot readers are not party guests. Their business is questions and answers, and the goal is correctly and intelligently interpreting the cards, as did generations of Tarot readers before them.

The professional Tarot reader respects Tarot, the cards, and the Seekers who trust them with their deepest concerns. They also want the cards—who really do have their own collective personality—to trust them, too, so their mind should be open, neutral, and sober. As the channel between higher wisdom and people who seek it, like a counselor, a Tarot reader should personify calm and dignity, at the same time appearing friendly and happy to serve.

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