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Astrology: The Truth About Gemini

Geminis (born May 20-June 21) are usually called “two-faced.” That’s all most people seem to know about them. Technically that’s correct, because the twin brothers of Gemini are not identical. Myths say the twins have different fathers…. Read More 

Astrological Forecast: June 2019

The primary cosmic energy hovering over June 2019, summer solstice month, comes from the planet Mercury, active mostly in the zodiac sign Cancer. Mercury in Cancer eases tensions at work, makes buying and selling easy, and socializing… Read More 


Astrology: Why Libra is Not Balanced

Modern astrology sugar-coats the traits of Libra. Those born under a Libra Sun (Sept. 21-Oct. 20) are called balanced, artistic, refined and peaceful. And because their governing planet is Venus, they are romantic and very often physically… Read More 

Warm Heart

Cold Hands, Warm Heart: True or False?

Is someone with cold hands a secret admirer? That’s what the saying “cold hands, warm heart” means. It’s implying that just because a person doesn’t show his feelings doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. He might be… Read More 

Psychic Readings: How Often is Intuition Right?

Psychic readings from symbolic charts or cards is not necessarily “intuitive” but an intellectual process. Our minds have many powers and intuition is only one – and these powers can be hard to sort out. Just know… Read More 

Astrology Book

Astrology: The Greatest Astrology Book Ever Written

It took one good book to break the lock that kept astrology out of the mainstream. After its publication in the U.S. in September 1968, the whole citizenry began asking each other, “What’s your sign?” Those words… Read More 

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings: Evading Psychic Attack

A psychic attack is negative energy deliberately focused on you. Despite the name, such attacks do not come from “psychics,” or “dark forces,” or the supernatural, “the evil eye,” or the dead. Evil is a human creation… Read More 

Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings: Fate and Destiny

“What is my fate?” is a question commonly asked during a psychic reading and readings with astrologers, Tarot-card readers and other diviners (also called fortunetellers). It’s often the first question a first-time Seeker or client asks. Psychics,… Read More 

Full Moon

Astrology: Full Moons are Good!

In astrology, the full moon means the Moon is in opposition to the Sun. For individuals, this energy supports the union of body and spirit through yoga, charity work, or church attendance. For families and groups, the… Read More