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Astrology: The Truth About Gemini

Geminis (born May 20-June 21) are usually called “two-faced.” That’s all most people seem to know about them. Technically that’s correct, because the twin brothers of Gemini are not identical. Myths say the twins have different fathers. The one fathered by Zeus was immortal and the other was not.

Close companions, both were princes, war heroes and sportsmen: one a horse trainer, and the other a boxer. When the mortal one died, the immortal asked that he be taken from the underworld and they be placed together forever in the sky, and that’s how they got into the zodiac. Two bright stars, side by side, are named for them, Castor and Pollux. Pollux, the immortal, is the slightly brighter star.

In other stories these twins are gods, and people worshipped them by inviting them to fly over tables loaded with food. In yet another story, both boys hatched from one egg and wear helmets shaped like eggshells. Some say the warrior twins are only surviving symbols of an ancient all-male religious cult that served the Mother Goddess. These stories all sound as if a young Gemini made them up. Gemini children have wild imaginations and will tell you anything. They’re having fun. For Gemini, fun is the meaning of life.

Gemini Qualities

This zodiac sign began not as “the twins” but as “the companions,” armed guards of the earth’s underground treasury. So Gemini is associated with action, athleticism, skill, companionship, boldness, quickness, riches, strategy, and heroism.

On the negative side, Gemini can be flighty, spiteful, egotistical, wasteful, aggressive, and trivial. When bored or contradicted, if they can’t escape physically, they will choose to be “out to lunch” in some other way, and maybe invent stories about where they were and who they were with.

Typical Geminis prioritize fun. They are far better talkers than listeners, and more casual than formal, especially about relationships. These are the girls who roll their eyes and the boys too cool to attend the prom. They are too busy thinking and talking and reading about love to fall in love. To them love is simply not smart. To them love is simply not smart. When they look around at couples, most of the time it doesn’t look as if they’re having fun. That’s proof enough. If you are reading this, you are probably not a Gemini. The Geminis are out and about, having fun, driving fast, flirting and impressing people.

Famous Geminis

Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan, Kanye West: The headlines are filled with Gemini Sun celebrities, even those who have passed: Prince, John F. Kennedy, Joan Rivers. It’s as if they’re immortal. They really want to be. Most Geminis are good-looking or at least young-looking. At age 47, John F. Kennedy was called “the boy president.”

Does “two-faced” equal “duplicitous,” a fancy word for “liar”? All signs lie. Geminis have a second life they might keep secret or not. This second life is as different from their public image as fraternal twins are different. Marilyn Monroe wanted everyone to know she read books and could talk about ideas. John F. Kennedy had extramarital affairs not revealed until years after his death. Prince took powerful painkillers and no one suspected it. Pop star Kanye West compares himself to Pablo Picasso.

Truth about Gemini

Governed by Mercury

The spouse of a Gemini might describe her hair-trigger temper or how he went out for a smoke and disappeared for days. The reason they married Geminis is precisely because of their highly mobile energy—and possibly their money. Money flows toward Geminis. They spend it, too, and are best paired with earth signs like Taurus or Virgo who can manage their money or nudge them to save, or keep them from making bad investments, or hush them when they run off at the mouth. Yet their awkwardness doesn’t matter; everyone forgives Gemini. He or she is like nobody else.

Their ruling planet is Mercury, and they are as swift and bright as the planet and find creative ways to communicate through words, art, comics, or songs. Geminis are natural salespeople. They plan what they want from a conversation or a date with you and work to close the deal. That’s not duplicity; that’s smart. They’re clever at reading people and laugh at fear. Like warriors and athletes they have survival strategies. Messing up and starting over is no tragedy for them; it’s a way of life. Multiple love affairs and divorces are common because they don’t care to endure anything that bores them or makes life unhappy.

“Act Now, Apologize Later”

In ancient times, gods with two faces were twice as powerful as those with one. Rather than having “multiple personalities,” usually described as “Jekyll and Hyde,” Geminis have twice the normal powers of perception—if they care to use these powers.

Gemini perceptiveness makes for lively athletes, soldiers, salespeople, teachers, and performers. High-strung or frustrated Geminis might end up frantic or with breakdowns, or simply shut out what they don’t want to hear with intoxicants or by blowing hot air. Talking nonsense and trash or throwing tantrums signifies they are nervous and out of their depth.

Because their planet Mercury is tiny and moves very swiftly, Geminis can be superficial. With social media and texting they can be present without being present, and have no space for lengthy thoughts or parsing the logic of any statement. Social media brings in something new every minute, and Geminis love novelty. They will often communicate in slogans, stock phrases, slang, jargon, T-shirts, and memes.

Honestly, it is hard to love a changeable Gemini so preoccupied with himself and his phone that he doesn’t know you’re in the same building. Don’t criticize, because they are touchy and don’t believe in self-improvement; they are, after all, two gods in one. They don’t have time to hear about your day, and hate long talks or lectures on what’s wrong with their work or with your relationship. They might even laugh or simply say, “I can’t win,” and ride away on motorbikes. Of all 12 signs they are the best at cutting their losses—which is why so many of them amass fortunes.

A Gemini is a good partner if you are secure in yourself and like your freedom. Allow Gemini to come and go. Depending on the rest of the Gemini’s horoscope, he or she might be the type who will bounce back and grant you the same kind of license. If your ideal is an entertaining partner full of surprises who will keep you in step with society and technology, choose a Gemini. For dinner at six every night and cuddling on the couch until bedtime, choose another Sun sign.

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