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That’s right! Being a loyal client of The Psychic Power Network has built-in rewards! Thousands of free psychic reading minutes are sent out to our clients EVERY…. SINGLE…. DAY!!!

As a matter of fact, we give away free minutes to use with psychics whom you’ve already connected with (advisor-specific minutes), and separate free minutes, so that you may try psychics whom you have not yet connected with (group-wide minutes).

You may receive advisor-specific free minutes to use with a specific psychic after each time you connect with that psychic for at least 15 paid minutes. Several times per week, you may also receive group-wide free minutes to use with any psychic of your choice… whether you’ve already connected with them or not.

Please extend your calls to at least 15 paid minutes beyond the free minutes to ensure a continuous flow of free minutes!

The Psychic Power Network reserves the right to withdraw free minutes offers at any time without prior notice.
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