Yes. All transactions MUST take place through the Click4Advisor system.
No. All customer information is maintained by Click4Advisor and is not shared with any 3rd-party, including The Psychic Power Network. Advisors will only be able to view your username. Please read the Click4Advisor Privacy Policy for more information.
No. The Psychic Power Network is powered by Click4Advisor. Any methods for communicating outside the scope of The Psychic Power Network and the Click4Advisor system should be avoided. You should NEVER try contacting an advisor directly, nor should they ask you to do so.  Please report suspicious behavior to us via our Contact Us form.
We fully expect the advisors who offer their services through The Psychic Power Network to treat our cherished clients with the utmost respect, professionalism, courtesy, compassion and understanding. They will uphold the highest level of ethics, honesty and integrity.
Many of The Psychic Power Network’s readers are Psychic Clairvoyants. Some combine Clairvoyance with Tarot Cards. We also offer Psychic Mediums and straight Tarot Card readers as well. The Psychic Power Network strives to assure our clients that our readers are either born with or have developed their very own wonderfully intuitive psychic gifts.
The Psychic Power Network always tries their very best to give our cherished clients the most accurate and detailed readings that they will find ANYWHERE, so that they will receive “more” than their money’s worth.
There are a few ways to check if an advisor is available: You can “Browse Our Psychics” to review the “Online Advisors” which shows advisors that are currently logged in to the Click4Advisor system. Another option is to use the search box that allows you to type a specific advisor’s name, tag or talent to find advisors based on your own search criteria; their profile will indicate their availability. And finally, you can also use the Click4Advisor Dial-in service by calling 1-888-626-7386. After entering in your Dial-in ID and PIN number, press the 5 a on your phone; This will give you list of all available advisors. “Online Advisors” are currently logged in to Click4Advisor, but are often busy with other clients. A green “Call me now for live psychic advice” a on their profile indicates an advisor that is logged in and ready to take your call. If you are viewing “Online Advisors” and you see a blue “Schedule a call or request a callback��� a on an advisor profile, this is indicating that they are busy with another client. You can always visit an advisor’s profile, even if they are currently offline (not logged in to Click4Advisor). You can find a list of the “offline advisors” that are not currently logged in to the Click4Advisor system by clicking the “offline advisors” a on the “Browse Our Psychics” page. “Offline Advisors” will all have the option for you to click the blue “Schedule a call or request a callback” a.
In either case, when the advisor you wish to speak with is online (but busy) or offline (not logged in), we suggest that you click the blue a on their profile that says “Schedule a call or request callback” on their profile. A Click4Advisor pop-window will appear. You have 2 options: “Request an Immediate Callback” or “Request a Scheduled Call” – Click the option of your choice, fill the information out, then click submit. When your advisor becomes available, both your phone and the advisor’s phone will ring, connecting you to each other. It’s that easy!!!
Yes! We appreciate your feedback. You may leave feedback via the Click4Advisor system. For more information, please read the Click4Advisor Feedback Policy.
All credit or debit cards that bear the name of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
Since we never know when our clients might need us, The Psychic Power Network never closes. We strive to always be available for you, so we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Please submit your application via our Work for The Psychic Power Network form. We look forward to working with the very best!
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