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Birthstones of May: The Emerald, and Other Green Gemstones

“The goddess of gems,” emeralds were Queen Cleopatra’s favorite jewels, mined in ancient Egypt from a mysterious source called “Cleopatra’s Mines.” Emerald honors and represents a global array of ancient goddesses of love, family, and fertility: Isis,… Read More 

Pendulum Readings: How to Use a Pendulum

For answering “yes” or “no” questions, a pendulum you use frequently is a good tool. Assuming that you want true answers, start by buying or making a pendulum. It’s no fancier than a small weight attached to… Read More 

Oracle Cards

Tarot Card Readings: Oracle Cards vs. Tarot Cards

More popular now then ever are “oracle” cards, also called “message” cards, streamlined fortunetelling decks less complex than Tarot cards and easier to use and read. A Tarot deck has 78 cards. Oracle cards have as few… Read More 

The Beatles

Astrology: The Horoscope of Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr is a Sun Cancerian with a Leo Moon and Pisces rising. A Cancerian with Pisces rising is a sensitive person, artistic, an empath, sentimental, but not eccentric, because he or she wants to fit in… Read More 


Palmistry: Understanding Your Life Line

Everyone in the world knows there’s a Life Line in their palm, but the palms are full of lines, and most people are not sure whether to read their left or right hand to find out how… Read More 

Love Letters

Love Bombing: Don’t Be a Victim

Maybe you’ve been “love-bombed.” Has anyone you’ve dated moved too far too fast, phoning all the time with flattery and showing up on your doorstep bringing gifts, and after two dates is already talking about marriage? Was… Read More 

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Readings – Rituals of Tarot Readers

Most people don’t know that Tarot readers ritually prepare themselves physically and mentally for a Tarot Card reading. The professional Tarot reader arrives before the appointed time, neatly groomed and dressed. This shows respect, first of all,… Read More