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Astrology of The Coronavirus

Astrology of the Coronavirus

We do not know the exact moment the coronavirus made its appearance. We do know, however, that China first reported it to the World Health Organization on December 31, 2019, although the exact time was not recorded. Still, from a chart for that day, set at noon, we can try to get a bead on the moment this brand-new flu virus was reported to a global organization and, as it claimed more victims, let loose a panic across the globe – especially in countries such as the United States, in which the many of the controls for epidemics and pandemics were stripped away by the president elected in 2016.

So is the coronavirus flu a real global danger, or—as shelves of breathing masks and alcohol-based hand-scrubber empty out – a phantasm, or, as some called it, a hoax?

You might recall that astrologers in 2019 predicted big changes in the world, represented by an extremely rare conjunction of the planets Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020. Those planets last met in Capricorn in the 1770s, in the era covering the American revolution. Well, things have certainly changed, and now we will see if it was for the better.

The Coronavirus is not necessarily a killer. From what we have been told – and it might not be the truth – it takes the lives mostly of elderly patients. The vast majority of people who acquire it recover and survive. But the Coronavirus panic will certainly be a building block for political change in the United States and all over the globe.

Coronavirus Astrology Chart

The above chart perfect represents the sudden eruption of an event and, with the truth repressed, and no one in charge, the ascendancy of rumor. Let me draw your attention to the astrological configurations that support that conclusion. To help you follow along, look at the above horoscope chart for December 31, 2019, at 12 noon, and imagine it as a clock.

Notice at the chart’s nine o’clock position three symbols indicating planets. Three planets in a single location in a chart at the same time is unusual, and astrologers would pay this “stellium” special attention. The planets here are Mars (its astrological symbol is like the symbol often used for “male”), Neptune (its symbol looking like a pitchfork’s teeth), and sandwiched between them, the symbol for Chiron, not a planet but a “centaur,” a burnt-out comet, an important secondary point in this chart.

Mars represents energy, aggression, and fire. Neptune represents dreams, visions, fears, fantasies, the supernatural, and drugs. Chiron in the charts of individuals indicates where a person is “wounded” or weak psychologically; in the chart of a certain event it tells us the same. This is valuable because if we know what’s wrong we can address it.

These three bodies are all in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Magical, illusionary, mysterious, watery, emotional, and creative are some of the adjectives used to describe Pisces energy. The planet Neptune is very strong in Pisces. Mars, the fiery red planet, is weak in the water sign Pisces, as one might expect.

These planets in this sign suggest fantasies out of control. One factor that concerns astrologers is that in this chart the sign Pisces is “intercepted.” If the dealer in a card game forgot to deal you a card, then started the game without you, or your coach left you warming the bench while your teammates played, that would be like being “intercepted.” You’re suddenly not a player: invisible, at least for that game.

What actually happened was that a young Chinese ophthalmologist, Li Wenliang, noticed some patients suffering from an unusual flu that reminded him of SARS, a respiratory virus that became an East Asian epidemic in 2003. Dr. Li posted his thoughts and observations on a doctors’ chat group. Four days later, the Chinese security bureau forced him to sign a letter saying he would no longer spread rumors.

Chinese authorities tried very hard to hide and contain the Coronavirus, but could not do it. It was their hesitancy, and their quarantining, and their misreporting about the virus and the toll it took on sufferers, that set up the whirlwind of misinformation and rumor that spread, along with the virus, to other East Asian countries. Dr. Li caught the virus; he had probably been repeatedly exposed to it. He posted a selfie and message from his hospital bed on January 30, 2020, and died from the virus on February 7. He is hailed as “the whistleblower doctor” and a hero.

At the 8:00 position in the horoscope is the planet Uranus. This is the planet of invention, creativity, sudden events, genius, disruption, and surprise. Uranus, on December 31, was in Aries, going retrograde. The planet Uranus in Aries stimulates loudmouths, troublemakers, and disinformation. Uranus has been in Aries since 2011 and had in the spring made its move into the first few degrees of Taurus before retrograding into Aries one final time.

Now put #1 and #2 together. The chart shows Chiron, Mars, and Uranus do not make aspects to any other planets in the chart. They are what astrologers call “unaspected,” and this is unusual. Mars, Neptune, and Chiron are “intercepted” planets. They thus become like “wild cards” in a card game. They suggest that as well as being host to the surprise outbreak of a brand-new virus (Uranus in Aries) and China trying to hide it, the news we are receiving is distorted and the response will mirror this distortion.

The chart suggests that the real news is being hidden beneath an avalanche of social-media panic that is plunging the stock market and emptying stores of latex gloves and hand cleanser. The above chart also has the Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. The Sun, in any chart, is the most powerful factor, the boss. Saturn represents structure and limitation. Mike Pence will “use” the coronavirus to put some very severe strictures onto American life, limits on freedom which will remain after the coronavirus is gone.

Did China lie to the World Health Organization? Are the rest of us being lied to? Most certainly. The Moon on the day China told the World Health Organization was in Libra. The sign Libra cares very much about judging and being judged, and minimizes or ignores bothersome things; when there’s a complaint, Libra always feels implicated. Libra is also the sign of the legal and political system. China withholding the news about the new virus was political, and now coronavirus is a political football.

At a press conference on February 26, U.S. president Trump minimized the coronavirus outbreak, saying infections in the U.S. were going down (they were rising) and ordinary influenza had a higher death rate (untrue) and the U.S. would soon have a vaccine (it will be about 18 months before any vaccine is produced; the first tests of the vaccine are scheduled for April 2020). Some astrologers have drawn a parallel between the coronavirus and the unusual virus that erupted on a U.S. Army base in Kansas in spring 1918: the Spanish flu, a pandemic which killed 50 million people worldwide, mostly healthy young adults. Can we say from this chart that coronavirus has a parallel? No, because at that time the problem was ignorance. In our time, the problems are disinformation and denial, and no one is in charge.

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