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Psychic Readings: Evading Psychic Attack

A psychic attack is negative energy deliberately focused on you. Despite the name, such attacks do not come from “psychics,” or “dark forces,” or the supernatural, “the evil eye,” or the dead. Evil is a human creation and only humans can initiate psychic attacks. They can do it individually, or in groups. They can also be described as “haters.”

Some can “just feel it in the room”—hostility, or a chill, or a simple situation that tilts and tenses up. It seizes your attention. Decide whether it’s worth it. We have given a large portion of our national attention to school shooters and terrorists. This has made us more vulnerable, not less. Draining your own energies to fix what you can’t makes you weak, not a hero. If it’s a fixable problem, there’s no rule saying you must do everything yourself; find help.

Psychic Readings

Ignoring or “detaching” from trouble does not free you from it. Certain 12-step directives advise those living with difficult people to “detach” from them, or refuse to engage with them. “Detaching” is a constant and very draining mental exercise. It’s a focus on the “refusal to focus,” and only invites more psychic attack. If you’ve ever tried “not speaking” to someone, you know how hard it is.

Some people even get used to psychic attacks, which are emotional abuse. Compassion and understanding in the face of constant negativity is a waste. It is not clear how “detaching” while remaining attached differs from “co-dependency.”

Energy drains are very serious. They stress you physically and mentally. Stress is at the root of most illnesses. Are you wearing shoddy clothes? Too tired to go for a walk or do your hair? You are drained.

“Psychic” Attacks

A psychic attack is always about love gone wrong. Human beings have one ultimate purpose: to love and be loved. The attacker is experiencing a lack of love. Failing that, the attacker wants your attention. Some people just don’t deserve it.

  • Stand in a “power pose,” arms out, fists lifted, chest tensed, like a strongman; or stand firmly with fists on hips, like Wonder Woman. This raises your testosterone level, lending you more physical and mental strength.
  • If you must see your psychic attacker in court or elsewhere, wear on your chest a large brown gemstone such as smoky quartz or jasper, or a black one such as onyx or ebony. An alternative is a large religious symbol worn as a pendant. Monks, nuns, and other people of the cloth wear such pendants for a reason: They disarm negative energy.
  • Smiling and laughing makes your energy elusive and harder to drain.
  • Get physically away. A psychic attack, because it’s focused, is like a spotlight. It can follow you only so far.
  • If you must endure a psychic attack, constructing a mental shield of white or yellow light is better than nothing.
  • Sing, or play music. Protesters use singing to unite and to defend themselves.
  • Under constant, sickening attack from a hater always in your face? Change your focus. Focus on making a new and separate life, because the life you’re living is feeding the attacker.


Can People Steal Your Energy?

The answer to that question is “Yes, if you let them.” Open your heart to a new romantic interest and he might walk away with your energy, leaving you sitting and staring into your phone for days hoping he will call. Allow a complainer to go on and on, and when she leaves you are exhausted, even though you shared two pots of coffee. You gave these people your free and unguarded attention, and they drained you like a swimming pool.

If you often feel tired and drained, it’s time to choose more consciously what you give sincere and wholehearted attention to. It’s not only people who filch your energy. You know how you feel drained after watching a thrilling adventure movie or a hard day at work. It is focus that directs energy, the way a car uses gasoline.

At times we are forced to focus. A clerk must pay attention to a customer. A driver pays attention to the road. But it’s called “paying attention” for a reason. It costs you energy. Insofar as it is “not worth it,” your energy is being sapped and not restored.

A chronic feeling of energy bankruptcy means you might not believe you truly have a right to live. Or you might be one of the drainers and complainers who can never get enough of other people’s attention. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is Available 24 Hours Everyday: 1-800-273-8255

Sad Girl on Bed

What is “Energy”?

Energy is life. Personal energy levels are real. We are aware every moment of what our energy levels are; it’s that important. Some say personal energy is a rate of vibration. Others call it “libido” or “anima” or “spirit,” or say it’s adrenaline. Where your energy goes is more important than where it comes from or what you call it.

Energy is not the same as happiness. You can energetically chop a pile of wood while hating the heck out of someone. Anger is energy. Determination is energy. Patriotism is energy. Strong emotions give you energy. And like electricity, to brighten your life they must have an outlet. Emotions stirred up by TV news stories or adorable cat videos have no outlet. Like parasites, they drain your spirit, although they are only pictures on a screen.

Some people are so nervous or needy, with such huge craters in their souls, that their presence can empty whole rooms. 

Optimal energy levels differ among individuals. A great speaker’s energy can uplift a whole audience. We feel discomfort when begged for attention or money. Bullies pick on people whose energy is weak and undefended. Some people inspire; others we edge away from. They might look just fine. It’s all about their energy versus ours. Is it give and take rather than one or the other? It should be.

Couple in Love
Your task is always to maintain your own energy. It’s great when people can be vulnerable together, and find it enriching; that is friendship or love.

Protecting Your Energy

  • Never be so polite, or such a martyr, that you permit others to drain or deliberately attack your energy.
  • Leave, if it is safe to leave. Make an excuse if you must.
  • Identify haters and complainers and reduce your contact with them. Can’t get away? Get help.
  • Raise a field of energy to repel a threat. You can do this with others when there is a common threat. Two people have twice the energy of one.
  • Refuse to have the same old arguments with the same people; focus elsewhere.
  • TV or media rivet your attention and numb you of energy you could use to nourish yourself or those who nourish you. That’s how loving young husbands or wives become spiritless, misshapen couch potatoes.
  • Don’t confuse pity with love.
  • Don’t tolerate what’s intolerable. A friend living with relatives had a male cousin who every night came home swearing and punching the walls and smashing things. No one rebuked him or called for help; they were afraid. She told herself she had nowhere else to go and was shielding the more vulnerable people in the house. Yet that cousin demanded so much focus that everyone felt too helpless to band together; they were so drained they could barely stand straight. The sociopath had a bottomless well of energy—theirs. They wouldn’t kick him out because he was family. The truth is that everyone there had surrendered their right to live.
  • Energy spent on family, love, and obligations should repay you spiritually.
  • Don’t “do the impossible.” The impossible then becomes the new normal. A tough task should be or feel rewarding. If not, it saps your life and health. You can bet your boss notices employees who fail to protect their own energy. Those employees are exploitable; they lack self-respect.

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