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Palmistry: Understanding Your Life Line

Everyone in the world knows there’s a Life Line in their palm, but the palms are full of lines, and most people are not sure whether to read their left or right hand to find out how long they will live. Some of those lines originating between the thumb and forefinger are awfully short! Or they’re broken, or very deep, or very shallow, or they grow into or out of one of the two other prominent lines in the palm.

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Our belief that the Life Line provides a quick answer about our lifespan means we become anxious before even beginning to explore our own palms.

First, only a palmist with years of experience is qualified to actually read a palm. A real palmist reads not only the palm’s lines, mounds and hollows, but the fingers and fingernails, the way a person holds out his or her hand and fingers, whether the hand is callused or smooth, sweating or shaking, cold or warm, chapped or manicured. All this our culture has narrowed down to an obsession with the Life Line.

There are few real palmists anymore, so mostly, as in other divining and occult arts, we have as our resources only fiction, movies, rumors and websites that water down information or reduce it to basics or a simple formula. No one vets this information to make sure it is good information.


But without a palmist, we look at our palms and, not sure we can identify the three most prominent lines or name even one “mound,” we get flustered about the length of what we think might be the Life Line. Unsure whether the genuine Life Line is in our left palm or the right, or should be read top to bottom or bottom to top, we think we can read, nonetheless, something so momentous as how long we can expect to live.

What’s the Problem? 

The whole problem arises from the misconception that the Life Line shows how soon we are going to die.

This idea is on a par with believing that being dealt an Ace of Spades means you will soon die, or that “The Hanged Man” Tarot card in your Tarot reading means you will die by hanging.

The Life Line is really about the quality of your life, and the passion you pour into your actions, and how you use your natural gifts, but that doesn’t sound half as thrilling as believing the Life Line tells you when you will die – even if that belief is totally false.

Divination and the occult and everything related have always been stereotyped as evil and deadly. People still believe all witches worship the devil and cast evil spells to make people sick and die, and that Vudu is about sticking pins in dolls, and that the Evil Eye kills children unless parents ritualistically protect them. Short, neat, horrific, thrilling, colorful stereotypes, all wrong.

Palmistry, the most aboveboard and physically personal of the fortunetelling arts, and a greatly complex art, got tainted with the Death Brush because in palms there is a line called the “Life Line.” The label is misinterpreted. “Life Line” does not mean “lifespan line” or “longevity line.” We learned that nonsense from cheap novels or scary movies. The Life Line is about the person’s life – while they are alive.

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If I have been able to persuade you this is true, we will move on to finding your Life Line, for sure.

Where Is My Life Line?

Your Life Line originates at the base of your thumb. Bringing the thumb closer to the flat of the hand ought to make the Life Line clear. It curves upward toward the base of the index finger, in that general direction. Often it joins with the Head Line, the lower of the two horizontal lines crossing a typical palm, but sometimes not.

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See? Already your Life Line is much longer than you thought. Someone always jokes that he does not have a Life Line. Everyone has one, and Life Lines are as different as people are. In fact, the Life Lines on each hand will be different. A real palmist could judge from experience with thousands of hands whether the lines on yours are shallow or deep, a straight line or “braided,” and what broken Life Lines might signify in the context of your entire hand.

Should you be reading your left hand or your right? Answer: You shouldn’t be reading your own palm at all, but if properly convinced the Life Line reflects life and not death, the Life Line on your dominant hand should be dominant in the reading. It is the latest news about you. The non-dominant hand reflects potential. It can show you gifts that are underdeveloped, or where in life you are holding back or underestimating yourself.

Your Life Line Evolves

Furthermore, your Life Line can and will change, along with your life. Take an ink print of your palms today and a year from now another print will show the lines the lines have evolved. If you have “read” your Life Line once or twice and shuddered, look again – the Life Line is probably different now! That’s because you now live differently than you did 10 or 25 years ago, and your hands, which get into everything, reflect what you are doing in life. Life Lines evolve! A “death line” would never evolve!

I hope that is enough to convince you that in genuine palmistry your Life Line is about how you live your life. That makes so much sense. There is much more to know about palmistry, but understanding the Life Line’s true meaning is a very good start.

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