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Abusive Behavior in Zodiac Signs

Please know that all signs are capable of abuse, and no Sun sign “makes” anyone abusive. To see abusive tendencies, an astrologer must examine individual personal charts. Even then, the individual with sufficient self-knowledge, self-control or therapy… Read More 


Seven Ways to Bounce Back from Spiritual Emptiness

Human beings are supposed to have spiritual lives that inspire and maintain us, keep our heads high and hopes glowing. Feeling spiritually empty—stressed, anxious, burnt-out, grieved, numb—has us moving like ghosts through our own lives. Is your… Read More 

Does Sexual Orientation Matter in Psychic Readings?

So much is different for the LGBTQ community: romance, employment, socializing, politics, family, and life in general — reason would dictate that fortunetelling services and psychic readings for LGBTQ clients be customized for their concerns. Or is… Read More 


The Spiritual Benefits of Sunbathing

It makes sense that the light of the Sun, our nearest star, gives us the most generous cosmic benefits this life can offer. This awesome nuclear-power station nearly 100 million miles from our Earth has granted us… Read More 

Milky Way

The Galactic Center, Our Creative Source

We live in the Milky Way galaxy, a beautiful spiral galaxy with a bulging center crowded with newborn stars. The planets in our solar system revolve around our Sun; our Sun and all other 100 billion other… Read More 

Couple Hands

Astrology: Famous Same-Sign Couples

Famous couples who share Sun Signs are fewer than you’d think. Logically, it should be an astrologically perfect marriage if a couple’s Suns are aligned. They’d think alike, act alike, have the same size and type ego…. Read More 

Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Decks, Classic and Rare

The most popular Tarot card deck in the English-speaking world is the Rider-Waite deck, conceived by occultist A.E. Waite, illustrated by artist and fellow occultist Pamela Colman Smith, and published in 1910 by William Rider & Sons… Read More 


Is Oprah’s Birth Chart Presidential?

Having studied many U.S. presidential natal charts, I wondered if Oprah Winfrey, who might run for president in 2020, has a “presidential”-looking natal chart. She was born on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi, at 4:30 a.m…. Read More 

October River

October 2018 Monthly Astrological Forecast

All horoscope fans this month have this excuse: “Venus is in retrograde.” It is true that the planet Venus turns retrograde on the afternoon of Friday, October 5. She moves backwards through the sky and zodiac the… Read More 

Couple Breaking Up

Breakups By the Signs

All romantic relationships end in either death or breakups. There are many more than 50 ways to leave your lover, or for your lover to leave you, but we will concentrate on the top 12 by Sun… Read More