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Birthstones of July: The Regal Ruby or Red Spinel

Proverbs 31:10 says of a virtuous woman that “her value is far above rubies,” so we know that rubies then were as precious and costly as they are now. After the emerald, ruby is the most consistently… Read More 

Reasons NOT to Do a Baby’s Horoscope

When Prince George (July 22, 2013) and Princess Charlotte (May 3, 2015) were born into the British royal family, the media asked astrologers to comment on the babies’ birth charts. They had the dates, times, and places… Read More 

Commitment-Phobic Males, By Their Zodiac Signs

You did nothing wrong. It’s not anything you said, or what you weigh, or how you look. He was simply a man who’d rather die alone and miserable than make a commitment. Next time, ask his zodiac… Read More 

“13” is the Women’s Number!

Only 10 percent of the U.S. population truly believes anymore that “13” is unlucky. Where science rules, such as hospitals, buildings do have 13th floors. Still, brand-new hotels don’t have floors labeled “13” because it makes guests… Read More 

Dream Interpretation 101

A dream is a message from the universe tailored for you alone, which is why “dream dictionaries” supposedly able to interpret every dream don’t seem to explain your dreams very well. Not every dream can be explained,… Read More 

Who Predicted World War II? She Did

Astrologer Evangeline Adams, from Boston, checked into New York City’s Windsor Hotel in winter 1899 and did readings there because the hotel’s owner, Warren Leland, didn’t mind that she practiced astrology. All types of fortunetelling were illegal… Read More 

Born on the Cusp? What Zodiac Sign You REALLY Are

People born between the 19th and 23rd of any month, on the “cusp” during the time the Sun transitions from one zodiac sign to the next, often feel left out of Sun Sign astrology. They’ve heard they… Read More 

Birthstones of June: Three Choices

The classic June birthstone is the white pearl, the only prized gem created organically, by a living creature. June is wedding month, and this birthstone is traditional because in its luminous beauty and self-sufficiency—it needs no fancy… Read More