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Solar System

Your Favorite Planet: What Does it Mean?

Having a favorite planet in astrology is like having a favorite color. It can change; at different times one appeals more than another. Which of the planets most resonate with you? Is there one you spend a… Read More 

The Best Zodiac Signs to Marry

People of all Zodiac Signs can be loving, faithful, and stay in love, but love isn’t all there is to marriage. With “’til death do us part” comes much more. You’ll need your mate to stand with… Read More 

Tarot Cards

Bringing Lost Things Back with Tarot Cards

Tarot readers are often available where astrologers aren’t. They need very little in the way of equipment or time to bring their clients answers: just the deck of cards. They must, of course, bring a lot of… Read More 

Virgo Woman & Her Make on a Bike

Seducing and Keeping the Virgo Woman

You’d better be somebody and show it the moment you meet. Your grooming must be perfect and clothing spotless, because her eagle eye will zero in on any loose thread or stain. She loves a man in… Read More 

Woman at Sunrise

Virgo Rising: The Light Side and Dark Side

Every two hours, as the earth turns, a new zodiac constellation appears to rise in the east. Of course the constellations are best seen at night, but they are there in daylight too. One by one they… Read More 

Sapphire Rings

Birthstones of September: Sapphire and Lapis Lazuli

The British royals started a revolution in gemstone fashion when Prince Charles, in 1981, gave his fiancee, Lady Diana Spencer, a choice of engagement rings and she chose a 12-carat blue sapphire nestled in white diamonds. Engaged… Read More 

September 2018 Forecast

Astrological Forecast for September 2018

Aside from a Sun-Neptune opposition that lasts but a day or two and a potentially triggering Mars-Uranus square, September 2018 will deliver refreshment and relief as three planets are released from retrograde motion, which for the last… Read More 


Neptune, the Spiritual Awakener

Space probes have given us all sorts of information about Pluto, but only one space probe has ever met Neptune. This bright-blue planet whirls: Its day is only 18 hours long. It has delicate ice rings and… Read More 

Venus in Shadow: September 2 – December 17, 2018

While the planet Venus is in retrograde motion, as she is for 40 days every 19 months or so, on an astronomically predictable schedule, there are things you absolutely should avoid because during this time our solar… Read More