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Crystal Ball

What Can You See in a Crystal Ball?

Gazing into a crystal ball hoping to see the unknown there is called scrying, and scrying is the reason diviners of all kinds are called “seers.” It’s a Druidic form of fortunetelling now practiced around the world…. Read More 

August 2017

August 2017: An Astrological Outlook

August is a big astrological month, with the full lunar eclipse back on August 7, in Aquarius, and a full solar eclipse today, the Great American Eclipse, in Leo. . This is a month of cleansing and… Read More 

Peridot August Birthstone

Birthstones of August: The Top Three

Peridot, spinel, and carnelian are three semi-precious gems prized and honored by the ancients more than they are today, but it’s wonderful that men and women wanting to wear an August birthstone can select from attractive choices… Read More 

Psychic Readings

What Should You Expect From a Psychic Fair?

Psychic fairs are held in large towns and small, at convention centers and in storefronts and clubs. You’ll see tiny two-line ads for them in alternative or New Age newspapers: “Psychic Fair, date, time and place.” That’s… Read More 


September 2017 Forecast

The outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, receive the lion’s share of aspects during the month of September 2017, and those latter three planets will be in retrograde motion, at least until near the end of… Read More 

1918: The Other Great American Eclipse

By now you know we’re having a total solar eclipse visible nationwide at midday on August 21, 2017. Astrologically, it happens at 28 degrees of the sign Leo. The eclipse shadow will cross the United States northwest… Read More 

The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017

The U.S. has not seen a total solar eclipse since 1991, and Hawaii was the only state that witnessed it. In 2017, on August 21, a dramatic total solar eclipse, the first the mainland has seen since… Read More 

Hillary Announces Candidacy © Andy Katz |

Hillary Clinton’s Birth Chart

We know the date: October 26, 1947; she’s a Scorpio. We know the place: Chicago. But astrologers have only hints, suggestions, and rumors about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s birth time. Guesses range from 2 a.m. to 8 p.m.,… Read More 

Trump Tower, Chicago, IL

Donald Trump’s Birth Chart: Is He Presidential?

Pro-Trump or anti-Trump, his is a birth chart worth looking at. He is a Gemini Sun with a Sagittarius Moon and Leo rising. The above is an astrological map of the sky at the time and place… Read More