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Melania Trump

Mysterious Melania Trump: Her Birth Chart

Stunningly tall at five feet eleven inches, Mrs. Donald Trump, born Melanija Knavs (later changed to Knauss), was born on April 26, 1970, a Sun Sign Taurus. If she was born that day after sunrise, her Moon is in Capricorn. With her Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all in Taurus, an earth sign, plus her Pluto and possibly her Moon in earth signs, we have here one decisive lady, tougher than her willowy, fragile-looking figure lets on. She’s already settled on what kind of first lady she wants to be: “Very traditional, like Betty Ford and Jackie Kennedy,” she said.

People say Melania Trump is “only a model,” hinting that she lacks intellectual or political credentials. The truth is that we know little about her and she isn’t telling more. Rather, she’s telling less. Melania’s website bragged that she had a degree in architecture from a college in Croatia. When it was proved that she had quit college after only one year, her whole site vanished from the internet. After her disastrous speech at the Republican National Convention, her husband’s campaign gave her very little to do. Despite a long and successful modeling career, and 47 years old, she doesn’t seem to have developed a unique fashion flair, the way Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama or even Princess Diana had.

No one expects much of Melania as a first lady. Nonetheless she speaks six languages, appeared on the cover of Vogue and in the bikini issue of Sports Illustrated, and snagged as her husband one of the world’s richest and most famous men—24 years older than she and a Gemini, the hardest kind of man to trap. Melania’s Mars is in Gemini, indicating that a lively Gemini is the type of man she has always imagined as her ideal mate. So she was motivated. It would be coy not to mention that as a worldly, materialistic Taurus Sun and Capricorn Moon, she was motivated by money—but in her place we’d all be money-minded too.

Melania Trump
Melania Trump

She’s Not So Different

Only the second-ever first lady to be born in a foreign country—Slovenia, in the former Yugoslavia—Melania is in league with several former first ladies who chose modeling or camera-friendly careers. Betty Ford was once a model, as was Pat Nixon. Nancy Reagan had acted in Hollywood movies.

Increasingly the role of first lady of the United States has become a media role. Cameras unforgivingly disseminate worldwide every first lady’s fashion sense and expose every word and wrinkle. It takes stamina and discipline to stand and look attractive and pleasant in front of flashing cameras for even one day, as any bride can tell you. In this way Melania, with ten years of modeling experience and so much earth energy in her horoscope, has a basic trait of a first lady.

Most first ladies entered the White House without seeming to have much personality. Each one grew into the first-lady role and eventually owned it. Melania’s quiet voice and Slavic accent, which Americans find hard to understand, kept her from the vigorous campaigning practiced by other political wives. Donald’s American-born daughter Ivanka did much of the talking; Ivanka’s chart is much more intense. So Melania has not had a chance to express to the public who she is. Even Donald rarely speaks about her. Yet her horoscope shows enormous strength of character and determination. She will need it in her new and most challenging role. It makes sense that she says she will channel Betty Ford and Jackie Kennedy until she decides how much of her own character she wants to show. It might be less than we are used to.

Several first ladies have been much younger than their husbands—President John Tyler was 30 years older than his wife, and President Grover Cleveland’s wife was 28 years younger. So the age difference isn’t new either.

What Her Chart Tells

How does a girl born in unglamorous Communist-run Eastern Europe to a not-so-wealthy family become a Vogue cover girl and the wife of one of the world’s richest and certainly most outspoken men?

One answer is work. With her natal Sun nearly in conjunction with Saturn, she has worked hard from childhood onward. Nobody paid her way. Like Russia today, Communist Yugoslavia didn’t offer many career options and she was fortunate to have been born with looks enabling her to begin modeling at age 16. She bypassed both advanced schooling and a love life to pursue jobs leading to international travel and finally a visa to work in the United States, where she met Donald Trump in New York during Fashion Week 1998.

The other factor is that she is lucky. Her birth chart has four astrologically lucky “trine” aspects:

  • Mars trine Uranus: This grants the knack of showing up in the right place at the right time, and that extra edge that makes competition look tacky. During the campaign she spoke little, wasn’t present or on camera very often, and wore conservative clothing—and the edge she got from that was an aura of mystery.
  • Venus trine Pluto: Often this is a rags-to-riches aspect that gives lasting good looks, sensuality, and a high public profile—because of personal beauty, talent, or grace. We will someday admire her for being much more gracious and tasteful than her mate.
  • Sun trine Moon: Melania’s ego is in harmonious aspect with her emotions. Hers is a consistent personality. Because both Sun and Moon are in earth signs, she tends to be low-key. The element of fire is almost completely lacking in her chart, so we see no fire in her eyes or manner.
  • Neptune trine Chiron: Astrologers call this “the Cinderella aspect.” Melania is living a longtime dream. There’s a chance that she might like dreaming or solitude too much and become somehow dependent or unfocused, and it might not be a happily-ever-after marriage or first-ladyhood. It is considered odd that she is not choosing to move into the White House right away but stayed in Trump Tower in New York for several months so their son could finish the school year. The first lady has duties, people say. But so does a mother.
Melania Trump
Melania Trump

The Marriage

Melania is Trump’s third wife; all his wives were models. The first one, a flamboyant, heavily-made-up Pisces, was also European-born, from Czechoslovakia; the second was a pushy, athletic, health-nut American Scorpio. They were traded in for younger models, and as Melania approaches age 50 she is well aware of that, and can be quite jealous. Venus in Taurus can be overly devoted to a mate and encourage jealousy and pouting.

Some would say that Donald and Melania are not a match in terms of energy, charisma, interests, or focus. This could be because her Mars in Gemini—Donald’s Sun sign—opposes her Neptune, planet of illusion. This is a great aspect for a model, whose job is to create an illusion of real life. With that career now finished, Melania’s natal Neptune warring with her Mars makes her personal energy look weak, especially compared with her mate’s. There is no question that she is much more grounded and sensible than he, but the media prefer his energy to hers.

Melania also has a “spendthrift” aspect: the Sun opposing Jupiter. A charitable and devoted person can misjudge or not see things in their true proportion. When modeling she probably accepted less money than her work was worth. And the Sun opposing Jupiter is how little doubts and small ego-boosting lies can swell into big ones. How and when she received her green card and what Donald had to do with it is unclear.

The public might find that she uses her husband’s money as insulation against all the obligatory entertaining and public speaking we are accustomed to seeing first ladies do. She might be America’s first lady mostly via social media. A square aspect between the Moon and Pluto sometimes encourages her to feel isolated and morose and maybe stuck in the past. Already parts of her past have been erased or dismissed, like her website and nude photos.

The birth chart might tell us much more about Melania Trump if a birth time were available. We would then know her rising sign and the planets’ positions in the 12 houses of the horoscope. What we have here, though, is a woman who has milked every bit of luck she was born with and intends to keep doing what works.


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