The Three SuperMoons of 2019: January, February and March

Prepare for an amazing string of SuperMoons, full Moons that bring the actual Moon closer to the Earth, during the three first months of 2019.

Maybe the world will already have been prepared because 2018’s final two full Moons, while not SuperMoons, are kin. They are part of a rare astrological happening:

November 19, 2018: Full Moon at 0 degrees of Gemini

December 22, 2018: Full Moon at 0 degrees of Cancer

January 21, 2019: Full SuperMoon at 0 degrees of Leo

February 19, 2019: Full SuperMoon at 0 degrees of Virgo

March 21, 2019: Full SuperMoon at 0 degrees of Libra

The Moon, or any planet, at 0 degrees of a zodiac sign means the planet is just barely over the line between two zodiac signs: on the cusp. We will have five occurrences in a row, courtesy of the two astrological bodies nearest us, the Moon and the Sun, and their orbiting.

Supermoon Lady

So What Will Happen? 

The Sun and the Moon have much greater influence over us than the other planets. The Sun, of course, provides the energy for all life: energy you can feel. Energy that is sometimes not enough or too much. The Moon pulls ocean currents which create weather. It pulls on people, too. The nights of full Moons can be restless nights. SuperMoons are up to 16 percent bigger and brighter than regular full Moons, intensifying the Moon’s illumination and extending the Moon’s “rays,” which we will discuss in a minute. And the Full Moon “flavors” the lunar month following. What happens at the time of the SuperMoon will echo a little longer and louder than normal.

The Moon in astrology represents our emotional lives and psyche or soul. This is the part of the personality that you live submerged in, your personal reality, your inner galaxy of thoughts and feelings, memories and plans. No other human can enter that inner space or occupy it fully. You are its manager.

Another way to say this is that because they are so near us and important, the whole basis of our lives, the Sun and Moon emit very strong, possibly overwhelming, vibrations. Balancing on the line between two signs, that full-on full-Moon energy, even brighter than normal, is likely to bring a sense of insecurity to us all, on the outside but especially on the inside, in January, February and March.

We will survive it. But these are likely to be high-tension months whether you believe in astrology or not. Things fundamental to our lives, all our lives, will be changing. That can be favorable or unfavorable depending on how you decide to use the energy.

Get Familiar with the SuperMoon Signs

It is very clear from recent current events that we are all in a boat that seems to have broken away from its moorings. It’s as if everybody is sure of themselves but nobody knows what’s going on. Are you afraid? Or do you see it as an adventure?

You needn’t look at your birth chart to see, feel or understand this string of Full Moons at 0 degrees. What part of your life seems most secure? And what if you could not count on it anymore?

Don’t be alarmed, but prepare for a transition. Set the date. Make the calls. Have the conversation. Take the chance. Don’t drag your feet. The first months of the year 2019 will be historic but it won’t be easy on our souls. Do what you can now, to put your soul at ease and feel confident.

Supermoon on the Horizon

The “Rays”

Zero degrees of Gemini is still Gemini, right? It’s over the border between signs.

Yes, but the astrological back-to-basics movement, we look at classic astrology and how much of it focused on “rays.” “Rays” are the cloud of light the planetary body emits or reflects.

The Sun’s rays are so bright you can’t see any planets near it or what zodiac sign it occupies. The Moon too provides its own halo of light. Its halo is not as blinding as the Sun’s, but there are still “rays” of the Moon, and they will be casting their light into the previous zodiac sign even if the full Moon has crossed the line into the next one. It’s like a bride who got her train caught in a door. Whoa! Stopped in my tracks. What happened? I have to look back and assess my situation. She might call for help or free herself. She has options. She could turn it into a crisis, but let’s say it’s probably better that she doesn’t.

SuperMoons cast more light, both ahead and behind the Moon. You know how dramatic a rising Full Moon always is. At 0 degrees of a sign, expect extra drama: The drama of an ending instantly followed by a tripwire into a new beginning. The vibrations will be powerful. You’ll have to take action. But it will be fine.

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