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The Best Zodiac Signs to Marry

People of all Zodiac Signs can be loving, faithful, and stay in love, but love isn’t all there is to marriage. With “’til death do us part” comes much more. You’ll need your mate to stand with you in good times and bad, in sickness and in health (just as the ceremony says!), for richer, for poorer, when the baby screams all night, and when the refrigerator needs deep cleaning.

All signs can be good marriage partners, because a person is much more than his or her Sun Sign. In the West, people marry for love. But people always marry for more than love. There’s at least one reason, besides love, that they choose to marry. And some signs are more marriage-friendly than others. Which of the signs is most marriage-minded, and what are their secret reasons? From the most marriageable to the least, here are the answers:

Top Three Most Marriageable

  1. Libra: Librans love the idea of marriage, a permanent partnership, because most of them can’t function optimally on their own. Coming home to an empty house depresses and scares them. A live-in or mate of any kind is better than none. You, as a mate to Libra, are valued first because you’re a warm body and second for being nice to Libra, who requires niceness in everything. If you like nice, regardless of what it costs, marry a Libra. Do it soon or Libra will marry someone else.
  2. Leo: A home is a castle, and at home Leo is queen or king. What good is kingship without subjects to rule over or servants to do his bidding? This is the zodiac sign to marry if you want lots of children. Leo takes so much pride in being the head of a household that they hate hearing the word “divorce” and might forbid a mate to even say it. Leo will be devoted to house and garden improvement and will ignore regular chores. You can do those. A married Leo gives gifts and epic hugs like no other sign.
  3. Scorpio: A Scorpio in love falls ever more deeply in love until he or she cannot imagine life without the loved one. Chances are they don’t speak of it, but they are obsessed with the many facets and wonders of their mates and with their mystical, eternal marriage vows. They marry to explore the depths of commitment. They are loath to eye anyone else, no matter how hot. To Scorpio, the fidelity of both mates is extremely important; anything less is an awful betrayal. Hurt a Scorpio in love, and Scorpio is crushed for life and will never stop talking about it.

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Marry These, Too

  1. Pisces: Pin down a Pisces with marriage vows and at least for the first few years he or she will be married heart and soul. Blinded by love—because they are the most romantic and poetic sign—they believe the mate is perfect, and it is nothing if you are three hours late to meet them, or if you don’t houseclean. Marriage is about people, not a house. They will work hard to be and remain the perfect mate, in part because they’ve so often sung the praises of their mate and their marriage it would be too embarrassing to announce a breakup. But there are points off for Pisces because they are natural wanderers—starting with their (beautiful) wandering eyes.
  2. Capricorn: Capricorn marries for status, or to correct the mistake he or she made with the first marriage. As long as the household is prosperous and well-decorated, and as long as children need two-parent support, Capricorn is a rock. They’re the opposite of Pisces: To them, marriage is about the house, not about people. Being great hosts and cooks, a dual-income marriage allows them to live in a showplace others can ooh and ahh about. That’s when Capricorn will put his or her arm around you.
  3. Aries: An Aries gets married to show everybody else that he or she can nail someone older, younger, richer, thinner, hotter or otherwise out of Aries’ league. Their lasting marriages are usually second marriages with a sweet mate who knows how to stay on a pedestal and does not snore or go shopping in jeans and a sweatshirt. For Aries, first marriages are impulsive, and usually the ex has a feisty, demanding personality that Aries’ mate #2 will have to deal with.
  4. Taurus: Marry a Taurus and feel certain that your mate is either hard at work or home on the couch or in the recliner, watching movies or playing video games. A Taurus marries because he or she is tired of catering to boyfriends or girlfriends, or arranging one-nighters. Or marriage might have been simply a way to get the longtime fiancé to shut up about it. Taureans truly like you, though, or they wouldn’t have married and shared their money.

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Think Twice Before Marrying. . .

  1. Virgo: Virgo prefers a place solely for Virgo, so expect a Virgo mate to ask for a craft room, exercise room, meditation room, man cave, or office so he or she can shut the door and ignore the marriage and family for long periods. Most are never sure they are in love or that the mate is in love with them. They know which buttons to push. Parents, siblings and in-laws exasperate them, so don’t marry a Virgo if extended family is important. They will marry to get a regular sex partner who won’t give them diseases.
  2. Sagittarius: Unless you are the dream girl or the dream man, a married Sagittarius can be seduced away by a pretty or famous face, by a guy with a guitar or a willowy yoga instructor, or by a project that Sagittarius hopes will bring fame and fortune. If you are the dream spouse—the guitarist or yoga instructor—being married to a Sagittarius means maintenance and adjustments with counseling, seminars, self-help books, and so on. Sagittarius is best married to another Sagittarian.
  3. Cancer: These deeply sentimental people should make top-shelf husbands or wives. Yet often they don’t because after the honeymoon or after the “oops” baby is born, the day-to-day routine of ordinary married life wearies them. Disappointed by the lack of glamor and romance—that’s why they married—they might demand a bigger allowance or their “dream house” with hardwood floors. Or they might become passive: feeling unwell, drinking, or gaining weight while the mate who has so disappointed the Cancerian shoulders every marital responsibility.
  4. Aquarius: If an Aquarius marries, it is almost certainly to a person unsuitable for them: a cheater or addict, or a depressive or cynic whom Aquarius intends to rescue. Or the spouse can be high-functioning but emotionally unavailable. Aquarius then is on a mission to change and improve the spouse and the marriage—always a lost cause. Meanwhile they perceive themselves as generously sacrificing their own personalities for their vows. They can nag incessantly. Some Aquarians understand marriage as a team effort, and these spouses are faultless except for the crazy spending and the “we have to talk” talks.
  5. Gemini: Those who would like a spouse to stay away from home for months at a time should marry a Gemini. The Gemini mate is probably out in the world making good money or supporting noble causes. But he or she prefers to call you every night than to actually come home and live with you. Life is supposed to be fun, and marriage, even to the best possible spouse and with awesome children, is a ball and chain. Stay-at-home Geminis truly, truly love you, but will always remind you and the children what they gave up for marriage.

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