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Virgo Rising: The Light Side and Dark Side

Every two hours, as the earth turns, a new zodiac constellation appears to rise in the east. Of course the constellations are best seen at night, but they are there in daylight too. One by one they appear in their classic order. At the time of your birth, if the sign Virgo was coming up over the horizon, you have Virgo Rising. You’re like Madonna, or Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg, all of whom share Virgo Rising with you.

Madonna is a Sun-sign Leo, Steve Jobs a Sun Pisces, and Zuckerberg a Sun Taurus. The Sun sign is very important in astrology, representing your soul, ego, and self. Your Moon sign, representing your emotions, intuition, and inner life, is very important also. Astrologers can know your personality pretty well if they know your Sun sign and Moon sign. After the Sun and Moon, the rising sign is always the most important factor in a horoscope. It’s the face you show the world. It’s not the image you “want to” project. It’s what the outer world sees when it looks at you.

If you’re a Virgo Rising, the world sees classic Virgo traits in the way you look, dress, talk, and act, and in your choices. Virgo Rising people are inventors and workers. Through sheer intelligence and perceptiveness they can open up paths no one before them even dreamed of. They also know the numbers and the odds. Rather than taking wild chances, they analyze situations and make informed, educated bets on success—or at least that’s what the world sees. They know what they want and direct their own lives. No one pushes them around (they do to the pushing!), and criticism to them is mere hot air. Failure is simply not acceptable. Make room; get out of the way.

If They Cry, It’s in Private

If they cry, or are terrified, or if they’re broke, it’s all in private. Once in a while, the world glimpses a Virgo Rising in trouble. For example, take Tiger Woods. The whole world believed he was a great sportsman and a fine family man: both classic Virgo traits. We were fooled, because he had a private life and a lot of pride veiled by his clean-cut Virgo Rising image and appearance.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

It’s said, “Talent hits the target no one else can hit; genius hits the target no one else can see.” That’s a good description of a female pop star unlike another other, who mowed down and awed the whole male-dominated world of pop music, or the inventor of the Apple computer and iPhone, inventions nobody needed until they came into being, and now nearly as important as oxygen. Nineteen-year-old Mark Zuckerberg found a way, through the Internet, for college students to keep in constant touch with each other. It became Facebook.

These Virgo Rising billionaires know the numbers and they know numbers count. Another Virgo Rising, Dolly Parton, keeps very strictly a certain public image, not allowing anyone into her private life or to see her without makeup. The never-changing “Backwoods Barbie” look is her trademark, and the public likes it. This girl born in a cabin has written more than 3,000 songs, sold 100 million records, and built a country-music career and a business empire: Academy Award nomination, “Dollywood,” and all. She’s the Madonna of country music; or rather, Madonna is the Dolly Parton of pop—except Madonna hasn’t found a way to be ever-more popular and beloved. Sun Capricorn Parton has more business sense and kept her image down-to-earth and salt-of-the-earth. Which of the two would you rather hug? Have you seen either one cry? Never.

They Don’t Only Climb; They Conquer

How does an obscure female governor of a remote U.S. state step up to become a candidate for U.S. Vice-President and nationally known? Her Virgo Rising.

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

How does a boy who grew up in a Brooklyn housing project sell a million rap records and then own his own record label, discovering and producing artists who in turn sell millions of records? Virgo Rising.

How does an unpopular British Prime Minister—already over 40 and considered a failure when he got into office—find a way to embody the courage of his country during wartime and become a world-renowned leader? Virgo Rising.

How does a Missouri farm boy with an alcoholic father and a talent for drawing grow up to rule Hollywood and make billions by entertaining people, his empire only growing, and his name more famous, a full half-century after his passing? Virgo Rising.

It seems as these Virgo Rising people—Sarah Palin, Jay-Z, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney—achieved fame without promoters, agents, and stylists. Who is less stylish than Mark Zuckerberg in his hoodie or Steve Jobs, who wore a black turtleneck all the time? Who is less stylish or sexy than Woody Allen? Who seems more ordinary and all-American than Tom Hanks?

Steve Jobs Bobblehead
Steve Jobs Bobblehead

Speaking of Woody Allen, the dark side of Virgo Rising is either sexual behavior that can make a career (like Madonna’s, or Sharon Stone’s) or ruin it; or addiction. That includes addiction to power as well as substances. One reason you can’t keep Virgo Rising people down is because they absolutely have to feel powerful. Watch Gemini Rising young people as they work toward what they want and get it! Like Virgo Sun people, Virgo Rising people must curb impulses to manipulate other people and situations with only their own benefit in mind.

More Virgo Rising Notables

Kevin Costner

Kurt Cobain

Calvin Coolidge

Marion Cotillard

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Kris Jenner


Richard Nixon

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Keanu Reeves

Nicolas Sarkozy

Sharon Stone


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