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Your Favorite Planet: What Does it Mean?

Having a favorite planet in astrology is like having a favorite color. It can change; at different times one appeals more than another. Which of the planets most resonate with you? Is there one you spend a lot of time talking about or trying to learn what it means?

If you’ve read more deeply into astrology you know that there are, along with the classic planets, four highly significant asteroids, discovered in 1977 and named for goddesses. Although not technically planets, after 40 years astrologers grant that they have influence. You’ve probably heard too about “Dark Moon Lilith,” who represents the darker side of sexuality, especially female sexuality. Could that be your favorite?

Mercury: Your mind is like a student’s: quick, sharp, scheduled, and detailed-oriented. You are the one who sure to ace anything and perform miracles. During the time that Mercury is your favorite planet you will de-clutter your space, buy new electronics, toss old kitchen gear and towels and buy updated ones, and redistribute your time so work doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your life and your personal life doesn’t overwhelm your work.

Venus: It’s easy to love the bright and beautiful planet Venus. If you are currently in love with the planet Venus, either in the sky or in your chart, your capacity for love is growing. It can be love for people, for being alive, or for yourself. Believe it or not, this capacity to love yourself grows when you indulge, as the goddess Venus might, in beautiful surroundings and clothes, art, music, baths and other beauty rituals such as makeovers, and glasses of wine. It’s true: Only when you treat yourself like a beloved can you have real love for others.

Inner Planets

Mars: People fond of Mars can back and greatly admire their many accomplishments and enchanted by the prospect of a future brimming with more. Enjoy how competition and deadlines inspire you to be your best and to seize awards or more money or power, or simply feel like a winner in the game of life. If you love Mars right now does that mean you’re in the mood to fight and argue? No, except in self-defense. But you might be rather full of yourself.

Jupiter: King of the gods, planet of benevolence and good fortune, Jupiter gives you the impulse to give back or pay it forward. When you love Jupiter you’ll have more guests, host the holidays, maybe even invite relatives to live with you, and donate more to your favorite causes. You are also an easy touch for beggars or borrowers; they can sense Jupiter’s generous aura from yards away. Love for Jupiter also encourages savings and restructuring of personal finances. There’s no such thing as a king or queen who lives from paycheck to paycheck.


Saturn: Some people fear this planet’s influence, yet Saturn’s rings make it the most gorgeous planet, and love is the antidote to fear. Being drawn to this planet signifies willingness to do your best on projects important to you, those you want to be remembered for: writing a book, raising great kids, professional achievements, looking amazing, running for political office. Although you’re prepared to soldier through, self-care is a must during this time. Take special care of extremities, nails and bones and dress well. Be as beautiful and deliberate as Saturn.

Neptune: If this beautiful blue planet is your current favorite, beliefs and spirituality are priorities and you’re ready to master arts such as prayer, meditation, and relaxation. Besides astral travel, travel to beaches, lakes, spas and islands where you can revel in the miracle of the many forms of water. If there are no such opportunities you can, amazingly, create them. Expect a sudden interest in a new type of music. At this time too you might be at your most effective as a counselor or caregiver. Neptune is comfort, selfless love, and inspiration.

Uranus: Yes, try on a whole new life: become political, become a homebody, take a job that’s above your skill set and master it. You’ll learn how intelligent you are and also how to listen to your intelligent body when it’s hungry or tired, because eager Uranus tempts you not to care about basics such as your health. You’re the bright light at parties and in crowds, discovering farther reaches of your powers of attraction and charisma. Often, a liking for this planet means you’re ready for a fling, or several flings.

Pluto: A certain kind of lifestyle is over. It’s time to move out or get serious, turn away from mourning, dump the unsupportive people in your life, reveal the truth, or finally decide to be yourself. Traveling this path you’ll find like-minded others who can become your next set of friends if you force yourself to communicate and keep in touch. They’ll help lift you out of your old life so you’ll never have to live through that again.

Or are you intrigued by the goddess asteroids, recent discoveries in our solar system, orbiting between Jupiter and Mars; or the sacred shadow, Dark Moon Lilith?

Vesta: Devotion and purity are key words if you’re currently a Vesta fan. Learn more about your faith and practice it. The reward for your discipline is access to divine love and secrets and more power to resist evil.

Ceres: Ceres is the mother goddess, large and in charge, guarding and preserving what’s precious. Being interested in her greatly increases dignity and confidence as you realize you yourself are an accumulation of precious intelligence, skills, and memories. Your psychic junk and dramas evaporate.

Pallas: Pallas is a favorite of mature goddess followers. She embodies wisdom accrued through education and experience. Loving Pallas means you are approaching your peak of intellectual and spiritual perfection. It will feel easy to release excess baggage. We often here find the desire to change one’s looks to reflect increased wisdom, and surprisingly it’s not about gray and black but about screamingly bright colors and natty accessories.

Juno: A favorite of females who left stressful jobs in order to manage a home and family, Juno encourages you to laugh at spills or dishes in the sink. Your definitions of love and care are changing. A fondness for Juno often means you are ripe for a religious conversion, because there is nothing that stirs the spirit like making and having a family home, even with its imperfections.

Lilith: Break out the black stockings and witch’s gear because you are about to dive deeply into the mysteries of memory, desire and manifestation. Reach deeply into yourself to examine your core beliefs about sex, marriage, duties, death and the afterlife, and materialism. Understand that having to let go of beliefs and people might make you sad for a time. Your conclusions will always be right for you—and seem 100 percent wrong to everyone else, such as your partner. You need someone more willing to experiment. To maintain what you have, when under the spell of Lilith keep your new insights to yourself. Others aren’t ready for them, nor can they be trusted to keep the details confidential and off the Internet.

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