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Is Oprah’s Birth Chart Presidential?

Oprah Birth Chart
Oprah’s Birth Chart

Having studied many U.S. presidential natal charts, I wondered if Oprah Winfrey, who might run for president in 2020, has a “presidential”-looking natal chart. She was born on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi, at 4:30 a.m. Her chart is shown above.

Winfrey certainly has a successful chart. You already know she is the first African-American billionaire, and, after 25 years of her TV talk show and related projects — she has accomplished so much and won so many awards it would be tedious to list them all — she is simply the most influential woman in the world.

Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon

Oprah Winfrey is a Sun Aquarius, born with love planet Venus exactly in conjunction with her Sun, in the second house of money. What luck: This bestowed an exceptionally attractive personality and presence, plus love and money as her life’s major themes. Her talk show won the hearts of millions of fans who consider her a frank, intelligent and forthright friend. They can’t think of one negative thing to say about her.

Sun Aquarian Oprah Winfrey brought into afternoon-talk-show entertainment TV a social mission: to educate her viewers. This is the gift from her philosophical and charming yet probing Sagittarius Moon. Sagittarius Moon people also thrive on attention. Winfrey’s timing and her message were so good she built an empire. (Ellen DeGeneres is also a Sun Aquarius. They are friends.) Winfrey made good while avoiding the coasts and living in Chicago and not selling out to anyone.

Oprah seems lovable and benevolent, but that’s not all she is. This Aquarian wants you, and everyone, to stand up for yourself, get your due, eat healthy food, read, mobilize, and live your best life. She appeared to care about her viewers. She came from a poor family in Mississippi, the hard way: a reason to admire her even if you didn’t like her.

If her birth time is correct, she has Sagittarius rising. Born just a few minutes later, she would have had Capricorn rising. She would then, all her life, show open concern with money and status. That is not what her version of accomplishment means. She has broken barriers believed to be too strong to fall. She disarmed viewers with an intelligent and powerful yet feminine and non-threatening presence. She offered empowerment to all.

The Oprah Winfrey Show

Oprah for President?

Winfrey’s speech at a recent awards show sparked rumors about a possible run for the U.S. presidency. The U.S. had voted into the world’s most powerful job a TV reality-show star and cocky billionaire whose behavior in office makes well-mannered, well-spoken Oprah, another TV star without public-service experience, look like a classy alternative. So speculation about the election in 2020 heated up.

During the campaign, astrologers sizing up the horoscopes of opponents Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump concluded Hillary would win. They let their wishful thinking overrule what the charts said. Trump had the more “presidential” chart of the two.

Natal charts look like clocks, with 12 evenly spaced sectors called “houses.” Most U.S. presidents have had natal charts with the planets packed into only one side of the chart, or nearly. Astrologers see in this type of chart (fairly unusual, but it happens) a person who is “focused.”

Running for president and running a country for a four-year term require focus. Donald Trump’s chart, with planets packed into only one side of it, is a focused chart, yet his focus while in office seems turned inward rather than outward. By contrast, Hillary Clinton’s birth chart was not a “focused” chart. Hers had a “splash” configuration, meaning the ten planets are spread out over all 12 houses. In tremendously simplified astrological terms, this means Clinton has always had too much going on. Her life has been a juggling act, often successful. Most women with jobs who are also wives and mothers have similar issues.

Below is Donald Trump’s natal chart. Do you see how only half of it is occupied? In fact, most of his natal planets, seven of them, are in the chart’s top left quadrant. Oprah’s top left quadrant has four. Her planets are spread out more evenly.

Trump's Birth Chart
Trump’s Birth Chart

A “focused” chart doesn’t guarantee a good president or a bad one. It means only “most likely to win a U.S. presidential election.” Politicians often have focused charts. They first have to be elected in order to have a career, so they are fierce about that goal.

In a “focused” horoscope chart, many of the 12 houses are left “empty” or “unoccupied.” When that is so, other people must cover the “focused” person’s day-to-day requirements. Politicians rely on campaign directors, secretaries, their Cabinet, security guards, drivers, cooks, advisors, their spouse, and so on. Without their staff they would be extremely vulnerable.

Those born with “focused” charts who do not choose to live in the public eye might become dependent on others or have to live without anyone “covering their back.”

Oprah’s chart is not a “focused” one. She is a focused person — Aquarians are usually off in their own world, whether it’s a creative vision or Dullsville — but lacks the type of “focused chart” that according to the astrological history of the presidency signifies a winning presidential candidate.

All Air, No Earth

It makes perfect sense that a broadcaster might be born with many planets in the “air signs” of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Five of the 10 total planets are in air signs in Oprah’s chart. There are three in water signs and two in air signs, but no planets in earth signs.

That isn’t a criticism. Donald Trump has no planets in earth signs either, and neither does Hillary Clinton.

This has to be more than coincidence. Having natal planets in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) help “anchor” the person in ordinary earthly reality. Reality can be a pretty fine place, but our political candidates live in dreams. People with high aspirations have always lived in their dreams, for better or worse. Presidents and world heavyweight champions and billionaires do not know the going price of a dozen eggs. The public now knows that both Trump and Clinton as candidates ignored, or continue to ignore, significant realities. We all ignore some realities, but their actions are magnified because they are public figures.

None of the three are “down-to-earth” people, even Oprah, who seems so approachable. She’s a typical Sun Aquarius: She prefers working for and serving humanity through media rather than meeting her fans for a cup of tea. Scores of employees and handlers wall her off from her public. After all, she is a billionaire businesswoman. She doesn’t have time for a chat.

Oprah might run for president, even be selected as a candidate in 2020, but according to her natal chart she would not win. If she runs, her accomplishment might be the reliable thoughtfulness and social consciousness she would bring to even to a losing campaign. A better year for an Oprah victory would be 2024, when the transformative planet Pluto enters the sign of Aquarius.

In a political debate between Oprah and Donald, Oprah would slice the opposition to ribbons and look good doing it. Yet Donald has the stars to win.

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