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Upcoming Astrological Events: Your Game Plan for the Second Half of 2019

What’s in the stars and planets for 2019? Here are some of the major astrological happenings of this calendar year.

Given the cosmic traumas in the second half of 2018, from August to the holidays, probably the Super Blood Wolf Moon on the night of January 20-21, 2019, helped you come to a few important realizations.

But what other dates and events should you watch for in 2019? Mark your calendars with these dates to maximize the benefits the cosmos offers.

Personal-Planet News: Mercury & Jupiter

Let’s get the upcoming Mercury retrograde periods stated and out of the way: July 7-August 1; and October 31-November 19. Familiar to all of us by now are Mercury retrograde’s strange tangling of calendars, electronic devices, GPS signals, and so on. Consider those days as the cosmic “rent” we pay for having those things serve us well most of the time.

Mercury, however, makes other astral news when it crosses the face of the Sun on November 11, 2019, as it did on May 9, 2016. It happens 13 times every century. The astrological effect in 2016 on Earth seemed minimal, because transiting Mercury is only a tiny freckle on the huge face of the Sun, but the live feed was worth watching, and it’s again worth watching because Mercury will not transit the Sun again until 2039.

The “personal planet” Jupiter, bringer of luck and friends, happily in its home sign of Sagittarius during most of 2019, in December enters Capricorn. The party isn’t over but it changes from beer and darts to a formal dinner. We can have a good time at both. By December each of us will have met and impressed some new, important people, maybe business contacts who will be lucky for us or help us prosper. Stay in their good graces by demonstrating excellent manners and not flaunting any body parts. Especially, don’t show up in worn clothes and battered sneakers and tell them, “I’m only being myself.”

Favorable Days for Everybody

Besides January 22, already past, two Sundays late in the year have excellent planetary prospects. They are November 24, the Sunday before the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving, and Sunday, December 15.

Home for the Holidays
The one caution about December 15: Go slowly into new relationships. In that department of life, sudden surprises might not be so favorable. 

November 24, Venus meets Jupiter, bar none the best day of the year to get engaged or married. December 15 brings a Jupiter-Uranus trine and a fine business or investment opportunity. Creative genius flows for those open to it; for others, pleasant surprises. The last Jupiter-Uranus trines were in March and June 2015; what was happening in your life then?

The Cosmic Unpleasantness

Internet hacking or outages appear to be a growing problem in 2019, especially in mid-June and late September, very busy times: the end of the fiscal year, beginning of the school year. Protect, back up and photocopy your important information beforehand. For those in the United States, T-Mobile and Sprint wireless services will merge around or between those times, and the word is that Sprint customers will have to buy new phones.


Solar Landscape
The cosmos presented us with spectacular solar and lunar eclipses in 2017 and 2018, and even in January 2019, and now the time for spectacle is over. Those eclipses were in Leo and Aquarius, the zodiac signs of showmanship and soapboxing. We’ve had rather enough of those.

The year’s total solar eclipse is on Tuesday, July 2, in sensitive Cancer. This is a very unstable day for personal life, and male-female and possibly transgender issues, because the planet Mars changes signs the day before and Venus changes signs the day after. The July eclipse shadows the South Pacific, with totality visible from Chile and Argentina but no other nations. Its “matching” solar eclipse is in Capricorn, on Thursday, December 26. That eclipse shadow reaches from Saudi Arabia through Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia, countries sure to be in the news in 2019.

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