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Astrology: Seducing and Keeping the Virgo Woman

You’d better be somebody and show it the moment you meet. Your grooming must be perfect and clothing spotless, because her eagle eye will zero in on any loose thread or stain. She loves a man in uniform or the clothes of his profession, whether it’s a suit and tie, white coat, fatigues or his tae kwon do gi.

Business Suit
Clothing shows that you’re somebody and have a passion, stay busy and are employed.

Dating-advice columns warn against keeping a long list of traits the ideal mate must have. Ms. Virgo ignores such foolishness, thinking, “If I intend to spend my very valuable life with this person, I want what I want. Let other people settle. I won’t.” She is satisfied to live her own righteous life until the person comes along who fits her mold.

That can mean trouble for the Virgo female. The right person (cute, fit, clean, professional, good teeth, has a sense of humor) might be gay, married, a priest, too young or her father’s age, alcoholic, in the country on a temporary visa, or otherwise unavailable. I know a Virgo who scandalizes her wealthy family because she loves a homeless man. (He’s tall and handsome, keenly intelligent, funny, very attentive and loving.) She had business cards printed so he can tack them up on bulletin boards or let people he meets know he’s looking for a job. Of course she bought him clothes and paid for his dental work. That’s unusual, but Virgo loves the fixer-uppers. Even among the professionals she mostly goes for, she will choose the fixer-upper.

Ms. Virgo, Explained 

Like everyone else Ms. Virgo is wounded in spirit and compensates for it. It’s probably a wound from childhood. She is so comprehensive, organized and frugal that she keeps it and won’t let that memory go. This can manifest as 20 years in therapy or as her own addiction. Or it manifests as her human fixer-upper project.

Man Smoking
For the person who’s her project, it’s ideal. Her support allows a narcissist to thrive, an alcoholic to binge, a cheater to fulfill his own selfish needs.

But this is supposed to be about how to pique Ms. Virgo’s interest and keep it in a way that’s entirely healthy. (She’s wise enough not to choose a coke fiend right off the bat.)

Ms. Virgo is best met in an active situation: the gym, on a dance floor, at the practice range, at work.

Take the lead; she will like that. Simply tell her you’re interested. She’s very smart and knows what that means. It opens a door into her heart because she’s compassionate and knows how much it costs people to declare their interest and risk rejection.

She will be such a great partner in every way that it is worth buying new shoes or a new car, upscaling your looks, having that gap between your front teeth cemented, or driving a hundred miles upstate to see her. She will never embarrass you by being careless or crass in front of others. She pours thought into all she does, both when being nice and being mean. She does rely on you to be there during the tough times. The fixer-uppers pretend to “be there” for her because that’s what seals the deal.

Happily Ever After

A divorced Virgo lady isn’t overeager to marry again. Definitely monogamous, she doesn’t necessarily want to date other people, but when single she planned out her life and finances and has doubts about where you’ll fit in–because for Ms. Virgo it’s all about the fit.

In addition, by the time she’s middle-aged she will have added to her list of desirable traits “a good moral character.” She will allow you plentiful time to show the content of your character under many different conditions.

Virgo Woman
The Virgo woman is drawn to the spiritual life.

It’s also important that you two share the the same philosophy or faith. If she belongs to a church she is a regular and a volunteer. If not a church member she might have a dedicated meditation room with a crystal ball, singing bowl, yoga mat, or books about how new discoveries in physics prove there is a god.

And you have to be her friend. Ms. Virgo has only the highest-quality friends, even if they’re unusual, and if you are among them you are very special and she will call you god’s gift.

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