Psychic Readings by Maya Miller
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Psychic Readings by: Maya Miller

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The world is yours! Knowledge is power! I am a clairvoyant, clairvoyant, clairaudient, empathy, animal communication, card reader and a spiritual advisor … Read More → “Maya Miller”

Psychic Readings by Kashmire Farber
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Psychic Readings by: Kashmire Farber

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I am an Indigo love child and since birth, I have been able to see and read auras, working along with your energy. I am a natural-born … Read More → “Kashmire Farber”

Psychic Readings by James Grail
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Psychic Readings by: James Grail

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I’m a Clairvoyant, intuitive Medium, card Reader, Prophet and Advisor who communicates with spirit Guides. I’m able to gain insight into your past, present and future events … Read More → “James Grail”

Psychic Readings by Randy Michaels
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Psychic Readings by: Randy Michaels

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I became fascinated with the paranormal early in life. I am a natural-born Clairvoyant and Channeler. My primary tools are the Tarot cards and the pendulum. I … Read More → “Randy Michaels”

Psychic Readings by Anna Lisa Valencia

Psychic Readings by: Anna Lisa Valencia

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Anna Lisa had her first experience with her psychic gifts at a very young age. She is a Master Psychic, a medical and health Intuitive, a Lightworker, … Read More → “Anna Lisa Valencia”

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