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Psychic Readings by Sapphire Lily

Psychic Readings by: Sapphire Lily

About Sapphire Lily

I’m a direct channel to the angels and provide readings for a life of love, spiritual wellness and prosperity. I am a Psychic, Intuitive, energy Reader, Visionary, aura Reader and Healer, Empath, Chakra and crystal Healer, Clairvoyant, light Worker, Reiki Master, Pranic Worker, pendulum Dowser, Akashic Activator, pet Psychic, and a love and money Manifester. I am able to read without tools but can incorporate the Oracle or Tarot cards into the reading if needed. My readings are always compassionate, caring and deeply moving. As your personal Advisor, your wellbeing is my main concern. When you are ready for harmony within and to remove the blocks that are holding you back, allow me to activate your higher self. I’m here to heal your mind, body, energy and spirit. Peace and abundant light to you!

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