Psychic Readings by Alana Luckey

Psychic Readings by: Alana Luckey

About Alana Luckey

I’m a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Empath, Lightworker, fortune Teller, Metaphysical intuitive Practitioner, energy Channeler, pendulum Reader, peer Mentor, and spiritual Advisor with over 15 years of experience. I will give you an accurate reading and clear information that will open your mind, body and soul to new beginnings and opportunities. I use tools of divination such as spirit Guides (spirit channeling), energy channeling, cartomancy (tarot cards), automatic writing, intuition, affirmations and imagery to answer your questions. Please be sure to state your name, date of birth and gender and ask specific questions and I will be able to assist you spiritually. I read on any topic such as love, relationships, career, finance and more. Also, if you need messages from the other side, I can provide that peace in your heart. Your happiness matters to me, so give me a call.

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

This is just a selection of some of our favorite feedback. All of our feedback is 100% genuine & user-submitted so please excuse any typos or errors, thanks!

thank you, i hope your predictions come true, will come back again :)

November 12th, 2023

Her style of reading is very unique, but I Know Its very connected. I enjoy speaking to her. I hope what she see does ha

August 19th, 2023

Alana predicts that's this coming weekend he's got the keys and will

He moving in, can't wait for the weekend to see!

August 8th, 2023

Alana is suck a pleasant person, patient, speaks clearly and very detailed! I'm excited for this to come to pass and my heart ❤️ will be at peace

July 31st, 2023

So far everything she has stated has been accurate! Waiting for the time to go by to see how it all comes through

July 29th, 2023

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