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Psychic Readings by Sofie Bliss

Psychic Readings by: Sofie Bliss

About Sofie Bliss

I was born with natural psychic and mediumship abilities that I began using at an early age. I’m also a remote Viewer, energy Reader, Intuitive, Medium, Healer, light Worker, card Reader, Reiki Healer, and spiritual Advisor. During your session, I may use crystals, the Tarot or oracle cards and candles in combination with remote viewing to deeply connect with your energy. My readings are always genuine and from the heart. I can assist with finding solutions for many money, career and finance issues and assist with making important life decisions on love, romance and relationships. I will provide you with a sense of purpose, guidance, wisdom, clarity and healing. As a Medium, I can also connect with passed on loved ones to receive messages from the Spirit Guides, angles and the metaphysical realm. Most importantly, I can help you find divinity within.

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