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Psychic Readings by Reyiah Black

Psychic Readings by: Reyiah Black

About Reyiah Black

Reyiah is a Psychic, Tarot card Reader, Medium, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, automatic Writer, spiritual Mentor, energy Reader, life Coach, medical Intuitive, and Healer. She specializes in psychic healing practices through mediumship, tarot readings, mentorship, guided meditations, energy cleanses, and other divination practices. Reyiah teaches clients how to spiritually cleanse their energy, homes and build self-awareness. Through her abilities, she brings awareness to energies who have crossed over and to energies who are still in the physical world. Her consultations consist of solutions to love and romance issues, self-love, building confidence, and decision-making. As a bonus, Reyiah provides journal prompts and meditative practices to recurring clients as an aid to help them along their spiritual journey.

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