Psychic Readings by Olivia Sage

Psychic Readings by: Olivia Sage

About Olivia Sage

My psychic gifts are clairvoyance, mediumship and precognition. My tools are your presence and/or Tarot cards or the pendulum. I’ve known of my abilities since I was a young child. My understanding is that we are all spirits taking part in the human experience. When one spirit transitions, it leaves the human body and continues on their spirit’s journey, learning and growing. I possess the ability of being able to communicate with spirits of ancestors who have passed on, guardian spirits and angels that walk with us. This is accomplished through visions, feelings and telepathic messages that come to me from your energy field. I will bring forth clarity about the mysteries of your past and present. Based on these events, I will provide spiritual counseling, allowing you to make the best choices for your future.

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