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Psychic Readings by Olivia Lake

Psychic Readings by: Olivia Lake

About Olivia Lake

I am third-generation natural-born Psychic from both maternal and paternal sides. My chosen tools are the Tarot and the pendulum, both assisted by my spirit Guides and natural abilities. Following the teachings of The Secret, I seek only goodness and truth to help those who seek the same and who also wish to live in the light and love that this universe provides. Rich in past personal experiences, I am not worthy to judge and those very same experiences have made me unbiased. My failures and heartaches have only filled my life with knowledge and I will be able to connect with you. Deeply in tune with our earth and our Great Lakes, I will speak with clarity and hope. I am pleased to read on any topic that is of concern to you, addressing your questions with a clear, psychic eye and voice. Yes, our paths are laid before us and so that they can be seen, but I firmly believe we are the master of our future and we can redesign that path for a future bright with promise, prosperity and the freedom to love and experience joy. I look forward to our speaking together!

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January 28th, 2014

she was very clear

January 24th, 2014

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