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Psychic Readings by Nova Sparks

Psychic Readings by: Nova Sparks

About Nova Sparks

Nova is a Psychic, evidential Medium, Healer, Intuitive who does not use tools. If needed or requested, she is also a Tarot card Reader. Delving into all facets of life pertaining to career, love, health, finances, travel, and spirituality, she offers insight into what the future may hold. Alternatively, she delivers evidence-backed messages filled with love from your spirit Guides, angels, and departed loved ones. As a seasoned Psychic, deeply connected to spirituality, Nova dedicates herself to using her spiritual guidance to mentor others. Her primary focus lies in aiding individuals on their quest to heal their innermost selves, allowing them to embody their fullest potential and embrace their highest form. As a Medium, she provides readings that bridge future possibilities with connections to your loved ones in Spirit. Her life’s calling has been to extend healing to others, a mission she approaches with deep reverence for the sacred space she shares with each individual on their unique path. Blending her personal experiences with spiritual insight, Nova assists others in discovering not only inner healing but also a profound understanding of their purpose in this world..

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