Psychic Readings by Molly Maya

Psychic Readings by: Molly Maya

About Molly Maya

My gifts as an Empath and Intuitive lie manly in simply sensing subtle energies and being in tune with the energy of people around me and the universe itself. Tarot cards and a crystal pendulum are the tools I use to help guide you. I incorporate all of these things along with visualizations and meditations to help you through the scary, the sad, and the happiest times in your life. The truth is I want to help people. Since I was young, I have always felt others pain and wanted desperately to help people heal. In my own life, I have had troubles and tragedies that lead me off course and caused me to lose my way. These experiences were necessary for me to be able to know on a very deep level that this is what I am meant to do. I feel most confident in the areas of love and positive relationships, past lives, karmic lessons, finding your life purpose, letting go of the past and overcoming addiction or unhealthy relationships. Your spirit is stronger than you realize and that is an energy many people lose touch with and need help to regain their personal power. I never judge anyone for any reason, because I don’t appreciate being judged myself. I am always honest because holding back the truth only poisons us, and I try to exhibit patience, love, and integrity with all of my brothers and sisters. We are all in this together and should treat each other as such. Thank you for your time, blessed be.

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