Psychic Readings by Madeline Iveson

Psychic Readings by: Madeline Iveson

About Madeline Iveson

Madeline is a Psychic, Channeler, Medium, Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant with empathic and intuitive attributes. She first realized in early childhood that there is more to life and its events than what is visible in the physical. Her experience with spirit communication began during early childhood with situations related to friends and family. From there, she grew to understand her abilities and hone them throughout her life. Her work began with intense study and mentorship from master professional Clairvoyants and psychic Mediums. She has spent over 20 years developing her abilities and knowledge within various Metaphysical Arts such as dream interpretation, psychic development, Astrology, mediumship and chakra balancing and in addition, she has been a Tarot Reader for 10 years. With genuine warmth, she is able to provide caring, understanding and engaging readings to help provide insight, clarity, and reassurance. Given her artistic nature, and drive for providing in-depth understanding, the Tarot strongly resonated within her and complimented her abilities into present day. Madeline’s readings help bring forth knowledge, healing and understanding in areas such as marriage, love, romance and relationships, friendships, career status, bereavement, parenting, and social/personal awareness for others in their life’s journey. Madeline truly cares about your welfare and she wants you to excel in all you do.

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