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Psychic Readings by Lucius Amedeo

Psychic Readings by: Lucius Amedeo

About Lucius Amedeo

I’m a gifted Psychic, intuitive Counselor, spiritual Teacher and a Tarot card Reader. I’ve been gifted with experiences of ESP such as clairaudience and telepathy. I’ve developed a significant and persistently heightened awareness. My gifts enable me to pick up on many subtleties that most others do not. Speak with me about whatever you may be dealing with be it love, relationships, work, finances, etc. I’m very easy to speak with, nonjudgmental, I will respect your privacy and give you a unique and valuable insight into your circumstances and help you with tough decisions. My dedication and discipline to wisdom and right living has not come without reward. I’m ready and eager to help you all. Thank you, love and light.

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