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Psychic Readings by Lily Morgan

Psychic Readings by: Lily Morgan

About Lily Morgan

I began a powerful spiritual awakening during my Saturn return a number of years ago and have developed my intuitive and empathic abilities, as well as, my psychic gift of clairsentience through the use of divination tools. I have the experience and confidence to follow spirit in readings and feel a great sense of fulfillment by offering healing and care for others through readings. I will sometimes use Tarot, Oracles, pendulum and scrying tools to tune in to my spirit Guides, but over time find myself relying on them less. My passion and life mission is to share the love and advice the universe has to offer to those who are needing a little guidance. My goal is to provide comfort and insight that leads you to your life purpose, joy, and to serve the ultimate good of the universe.

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