Psychic Readings by Kabela Sosa

Psychic Readings by: Kabela Sosa

About Kabela Sosa

I’ve been using my amazing gifts since I was young, and I have been reading professionally for 15 years. I’m a natural-born Psychic, Empath, spiritual Advisor, card Reader, dream Interpreter, Numerologist, Channeler, Seer, and Astrologer, my gifts passed down from generations. I’m also a certified, master Reiki Healer (level 2), and can provide distance healing sessions if needed. I can connect with spirit Guides for added information, and access the Akashic records which is a record of each soul’s journey through the infinite. I do not need to use tools such as the Tarot, Runes, scrying or a pendulum, but I can incorporate them into the consultation. I’m a direct and straight-forward Advisor that will tell you exactly what I see coming in and what the better direction is for you with pure honesty. However, you do have freewill to act on guidance or your own choices. I see time frames, but as you know, our time is not always the same as spirit and it can be a little off. I will give any and all messages as they come, even in much more complicated situations. Your enlightened destiny is my main goal.

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