Psychic Readings by James Kristoff

Psychic Readings by: James Kristoff

About James Kristoff

I’m an experienced and supportive Psychic, Intuitive Practitioner, Empath, Pendulum Advisor, Oracle, and Tarot Card Reader with over 12 years of dedicated experience in metaphysical practices. My journey began with a fascination for card readings, pendulum use, and crystal ball insight. Through extensive practice and dedication, I’ve honed my abilities to provide accurate and personalized guidance to those seeking clarity, direction, and personal growth. My qualifications are rooted in my extensive experience and unwavering commitment to ethical and meaningful readings. I’m dedicated to continuous learning and growth in the metaphysical field, ensuring that I remain a knowledgeable and compassionate guide for those seeking spiritual insight and understanding. In addition to my skills, I’ve collected various tools such as oracle and tarot decks, pendulums, and crystal balls. I tailor my approach, using specific decks or tools for different types of readings to meet each client’s unique needs. Furthermore, my deep understanding of mystical and magical practices, earned through years of experience, adds a unique dimension to my readings and guidance. I’m here to support you on your spiritual journey and provide the insight you seek.

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