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Psychic Readings by Harlowe Keller

Psychic Readings by: Harlowe Keller

About Harlowe Keller

I’m a trained Psychic, Seer, Channeler, Clairvoyant, Tarot card Reader, Chakra Healer, Aura Advisor and Astrologer. When I was a young girl, I just knew things. I had psychic flashes, DeJa’Vu and premonitions; my connection to the spirit world is ever present. My love for Astrology began 1998 and blossomed into my spiritual career as a practicing Advisor. The stars reveal the science of cosmic timing at play in your life and the hidden wisdom available to you for soul growth and success. Then in 2005, my psychic journey expanded when I met my Mentor. I was trained to heal the body through the chakras (using clairvoyance) and developed my ability to see auras, meditate and channel. I learned to read Tarot in 2015, and read on relationships, love, finance and career. Tarot is a deeply symbolic reflection of your current state of affairs. It provides archetypal knowledge and I use this as a guide for your higher self-development and as a tool for choices one needs to make to healing, or predictions for the future. I’m here to fully empower the you at this present moment and moving forward on your journey.

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