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Psychic Readings by Francis Xavier

Psychic Readings by: Francis Xavier

About Francis Xavier

I entered full time into a Christian ministry as a teenager in 1988 and have been using my natural-born gifts to help people ever since. I’m a highly experienced psychic Advisor, Clairvoyant, card Reader and Healer. As my spirituality has broadened to embrace the common thread of truth running through all religions, I have come to see the spiritual gifts of prophecy, words of wisdom, words of knowledge and the gifts of healing as just normal actions of the human spirit. I use tools such as the Tarot cards, a pendulum and hints from my spirit Guides. This allows you to access this psycho-spiritual energy and make the knowledge and power that comes from Spirit available to you. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to help the broken hearted and the wounded spirits find the healing they need. By offering accurate, intuitive advice, psychic and spiritual healing, and leading you to the proper path, I can bring out your spirit within.

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