Psychic Readings by Fleur Angelique

Psychic Readings by: Fleur Angelique

About Fleur Angelique

I’m an Oracle and an Empath. As an Oracle of love and money, I read a specific set of Oracle Tarot cards. I can guide you and help you see the path that you are on and can enlighten you to what could come to pass. As an Empath, I can feel what you feel. Clairvoyance (inner-seeing) and clairsentience (inner-feeling) are gifts that have been bestowed upon me since birth. It took many years for me to realize what was happening to me during certain situations, why everyone would always come to me for guidance, and why I knew how others were feeling without them saying a word about it. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I discovered exactly what I was and what I could do for others. Over the years, I practiced and meditated, spoke with my spirit Guides and found my way. I understand things differently than others, and can relate easily to anyone. Occasionally, I will use a pendulum and speak to spirits around me, for curiosity and more often than not, guidance. I believe we all need guidance from someone and I can be that guide, the link between here and there, and I can help lead you to the light at the end of the tunnel that seems to never end.

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