Psychic Readings by Debs Morrissette

Psychic Readings by: Debs Morrissette

About Debs Morrissette

I’m a professional Psychic, Intuitive, Runes, Oracle and Tarot Reader, pendulum Dowser and Diviner and I have been practicing my craft for nearly a decade. I’m also a spiritual life Coach, where I use my psychic intuition to provide insight and advice to your specific situations on love, romance and relationships, money, career and finance. If needed, I’m certified in herbal remedies as a wellness Intuitive. I’ve performed readings for clients of all walks of life and I’m passionate about providing guidance by acting as a liaison between you and the universe around all of us. While I am deeply spiritual, I enjoy taking a more secular approach to my skills to bridge the divide between skeptics and believers alike.

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