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Psychic Readings by Clara Tulay

Psychic Readings by: Clara Tulay

About Clara Tulay

With several years of professional experience, I offer my services as an Intuitive, Seer, Astrologer and card Reader. I achieve wonderful results using my natural abilities, the Tarot and a pendulum. I am also a college graduate and feel I’m the frontier of blending spirituality with my educational background in science. Using Astrology, I can recognize deep connections and prepare you to receive lasting love, romance and positive relationships, as well as, your soulmate or twin flame via your natal charts. During your session, I will connect with you on a spiritual level, sharing accurate, truthful information, and I will also deliver the message with extreme compassion and kindness. If you open your heart, your opportunities and blessings are endless and if you open your soul you will be touched with a deep awareness full of love and peace.

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