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Psychic Readings by Ariel Ann

Psychic Readings by: Ariel Ann

About Ariel Ann

I’m a Clairsentient, an empathic Advisor, card Reader and a Healer. I have a great interest in all areas of the Metaphysical world. At a very early age, I realized that I had visions and perceptions beyond what other people saw. My cards serve as a place to begin a reading and moves beyond that as I speak more with you. I can also work with a Jasper pendulum for simple questions. I can sense people’s emotions and relate to what has happened in their past, what’s going on in their present, and what will most likely happen in their future, as long as they stay on their proper path. In my healing sessions, I may use crystals as part of the healing process. I truly enjoy helping people heal in whatever capacity I can. I look for the deeper cause and what can be done to help heal or turn a situation around. My readings are positive and encouraging and I work to empower you to manifest your life the way you want it to be.

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