Psychic Readings by Angelica Mooney

Psychic Readings by: Angelica Mooney

About Angelica Mooney

am a gifted Psychic, Intuitive, Seer, card and oracle Reader, Sprit Channeler, Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Empath with decades of practice developing my metaphysical skills and knowledge so that I can serve others in need. I combine knowledge gained through my empathic and psychic means with my extended education and experience in neuropsychology to compassionately provide the information I am shown in a way that is gentle, understandable, and can lead to constructive action. My empathy often allows me to discern the unspoken questions people are afraid to ask out loud. I provide tarot readings using the classic universal Waite deck and the Transparent Tarot. I also offer Angel Oracle readings, particularly when a client needs encouragement and inspiration. My tarot readings are informed by decades of study and practice, a deep understanding of the embedded symbolism, Jungian depth psychology, and strong intuitive insight. I often understand more about the situation than a client has shared through clairsentience, clairvoyance, and communication with spirit guides. I sometimes use a pendulum to ask for clarification from spirit and angel that show up to help. Having been born with empathy and clairsentience, I spent much of life feeling overwhelmed and confused by all of the emotions and knowledge I received from people. But with meditation, Rosetree Energetic techniques and practice, I have learned to control the information I receive about others and use it to help with difficult life moments. Offering tarot readings compliments my bodywork practice and allows me to more deeply fulfill my calling as a healing artist.

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