Psychic Readings by Aisha Aster

Psychic Readings by: Aisha Aster

About Aisha Aster

Allow me to share a bit of myself and if you feel a connection, then join me in this journey of discovery and growth. I’m known as a psychic Healer and spiritual life Coach. I am also an Intuitive, Empath, and a card Reader. I offer services to those needing advice and guidance from the gifts granted to me of claircognizance, clairvoyance, energy work and healing, as well as, dream interpretation. I employ my gifts through cold or warm readings. I don’t use any tools unless requested or needed for added clarity, and if so, I offer Tarot, pendulum or crystal readings with healing. I don’t need any information to begin your reading, just your open mind and heart. However should you have specific questions and requests, please feel free to let me know. My gifts started exhibiting themselves at a very young age, with dreams leading into precognitive events, I would relay to my family and friends at their great surprise and sometimes shock. My dreams continued and I realized that I was able to decipher between dreams and their different types. Dreams that were merely events from my day needing to be sorted out in my subconscious, to foreshadowing dreams that foretold an event yet to occur, to dreams of guidance that I needed to heed and learn from. Coming from a Mediterranean background, tea leaves and coffee readings were integrated in our culture very comfortably and at the age of 11. As I grew older, I became aware that I was different. I felt the emotions of others before those feelings were expressed; so much I felt their pain as well. As my mind and emotions matured, I was able to take that energy from others, funnel that energy through both my heart and intellect and send it back to them as healing energy. I just knew that I had a burning desire to service and help people, but I didn’t know how. My guiding spiritual forces allowed these desires to be expressed and soon I knew my calling was to be a metaphysical Advisor. I continued to grow on my journey and followed the Wiccan path as a High Priestess and Healer. I enjoy helping people with these skills and gifts to better understand themselves. Allow me to be your own personal spiritual Coach, to help you tap into your inner self, which will allow you to grow and learn to use your intuition and balance your life. I hope that you will choose me as your Advisor as I will always support, respect and honor you as my client. Let’s embark on this journey together with trust and love! ~Aisha~

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November 3rd, 2018

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