Psychic Readings by Abigail Visconti

Psychic Readings by: Abigail Visconti

About Abigail Visconti

I’m a Psychic, Intuitive, energy Reader, Diviner, Channeler, Medium, pendulum Advisor and an Oracle and Tarot card Reader. I can assist with energy work, letting you know how to cleanse yourself, put up protective boundaries and understand that you are powerful and connected to your spirit Guides and ancestors. My abilities also allow me to help you sever unwanted energy which can leave you exhausted both mentally and physically. In doing so, you can keep your personal power and not let any negative influences steal your happiness. As a Medium, I work with my family and those on the other side to relay messages from spirit. Through research, I can bridge the gap between what I find out to be a fact, so I am able to facilitate accurate messages. My goal is for your life to be uninterrupted by distractions and confusion, while helping you get your most important priorities in order.

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