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Psychic Readings by Yashmall Ojala

Psychic Readings by: Yashmall Ojala

About Yashmall Ojala

Yashmall is a Psychic, board-certified life Coach and Tarot card Reader. He truly believes that pain travels through families until someone is strong enough to hold it and heal it. As a spiritual Advisor his soul’s mission is to assist the chosen ones, Star Seeds, black sheep and Indigo’s utilize self-awareness as the master key to heal trauma, stop drama, and end karma so they can access internal power and create inner peace! He has extensive knowledge on metaphysical concepts and universal law and utilizes the Tarot as a tool to help his clients expand their self-awareness by providing clarity, insight, and perspective that leads to real world results. The most frequently asked question is “How do I”! In order to come up with a solution, one must first clarify the problem. What that really means is we’ve got to expand your self-awareness so your problem is in the proper context so you can actually understand what is occurring and why it’s occurring, that expanded awareness creates the roadmap towards the solution. Prepare yourself to be taken on a unique journey, a journey through your inner world where we will uncover what is keeping you locked, blocked and stuck and then co-create the solutions so you can achieve the results you want.

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