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Psychic Readings by Tessie Thompson

Psychic Readings by: Tessie Thompson

About Tessie Thompson

I am an intuitive Psychic and a Tarot Reader and have been reading for 16 years, now. A reading helps us to understand the energies manifesting in our lives and the Tarot is a meditation tool to help us find the solutions to our problems. Universal truths exist and the patterns in the Tarot are their shadows manifesting their influences in our lives. The cards reflect not only these universal truths but also our individual journey and the continued journey of humanity. Often times when we look at our problems, we forget that they have been encountered before and will be encountered again. This is a part of the cycle of life. As humans, we repeat what has come before us. The Tarot takes the figures, lessons and symbols in our lives and through the spread guides us to a solution unique to each of us. I enjoy using my natural abilities and skills to help others, no matter their situation. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

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