Psychic Readings by Tara Michelle

Psychic Readings by: Tara Michelle

About Tara Michelle

I’m a Clairvoyant, Claircognizant and Clairsentient, energy Reader and Healer, Reiki Practitioner, dream Interpreter, card Reader, and an intuitive Advisor. I have always loved anything that had to do with Metaphysics and the occult. Since I was a child, I could sense spirit was around me and would receive premonitions through my dreams that would eventually happen. I didn’t realize I was Claircognizant until I began my spiritual journey 17 years ago and learned of the different “Clairs”. I then began reading the Tarot, oracle cards and started meditating daily. At this point, my third eye opened and I started receiving messages from my guides through clairvoyance and my dreams. I believe we all have the ability to connect to spirit and allow them to guide us when need be, you just have to be open to it. I received my Reiki Practitioners certificate in 2014 and have had amazing results with long-distant sessions. I enjoy helping people through energy healing and for them to gain a deeper understanding of their situation. Astrology and Numerology are also something I’m passionate about and continue to learn and use as a tools. During your consultation, I will infuse enlightening information that will make a big difference in your life, nurture you on your path, and promote positive outcomes. I’m truly looking forward to our session.

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