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Psychic Readings by Sylvania Svan

Psychic Readings by: Sylvania Svan

About Sylvania Svan

As a professional Advisor, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, dream Interpreter and Astrologer, I understand that our souls speak to us in unique ways. They nudge us in the direction of our mission and purpose. Our unique energy pattern prompts us to flow like a river in the natural direction for our highest fulfillment. Sometimes those gentle soul taps can be lost amongst the chaos and confusion in our every-day life. When that happens, we need clarity and accurate advice to guide us back on our path. Astrology is a sensitive tool that can do just that, just like a synchronistic and timely card reading or a deeper understanding of our dreams. On our cosmic journey, we navigate the storms of circumstance and waves of our potential. My intention is to not only help you understand the cosmological what’s and why’s of your present circumstances, but also to help you adjust the sails of your potential in favor of the cosmic winds. Enjoy the ride…you deserve it.

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