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Psychic Readings by Sydney Kane

Psychic Readings by: Sydney Kane

About Sydney Kane

I have had this intuitive gift my entire life. I also read Tarot cards and have dreams that tell me the future. Deja Vu is a regular occurrence for me, alerting me to pay close attention to what is happening. Even as a very young child, I was having prophetic dreams that I didn’t understand. As an adult, I found I was dreaming of chronic illness in family members, which was very eye opening. I’ve seen my fair share of spirits, but I do not rely on the spirits when I do readings. Beginning at age 7, I have seen spirits and had these dreams of the future. I have an uncanny nature of talking about something with someone and it happens to them in the immediate future, all part of my gift. I’ve traveled through South Korea, France, Italy, and Switzerland along with different areas of the US. In each of the places I’ve traveled I have encountered something that can only be explained as mystic. I’ve been touched by spirits as well; I have a very open mind thanks to my gift. Helping others brings me joy and I look forward to sharing my gift with you.

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