Psychic Readings by Sunny Bradley

Psychic Readings by: Sunny Bradley

About Sunny Bradley

I’m a 4th-generation Psychic, a Tarot Reader, a natural Empath and a psychic Medium, helping people is what I do best. I am also a skilled pet Psychic and past-life Reader. I consider myself a vessel of Spirit, being led to deliver as much light and love to illuminate the dark, dusty corridors of life as I can. Utilizing the guidance of angels, spirit Guides (including my ancestors), the Tarot, cartomancy and my natural psychic abilities, I am capable of delving into one’s psyche from a non-clinical perspective. I firmly believe there is a common sense solution to most problems we encounter in life. Anything outside of that can be examined for repetitive negative thought patterns and actions that prevent us from moving forward, thus opening a doorway for the kind of spiritual advice I provide. I believe that growing spiritually can empower and stimulate positive growth and abundance in all areas of a person’s life. I firmly believe there is no problem too big, or question too small, that cannot be handled by the Divine. We are all surrounded by angels and spirit Guides that will help us, even though it sometimes doesn’t seem that way. Let me work with you, and through you, to help you reconnect to the Divine, and aid you as you find your path and the answers you seek.

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